Best Alternatives for Campaign Monitor to Change the Business Strategy

Best Alternatives for Campaign Monitor to Change the Business Strategy
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Campaign Monitor is a global technology company that provides email marketers with a list of essential features needed for the email marketing campaign. Even though it is not a free product, the drag-and-drop builder, visual journey designer, creative marketing strategies, real-time performance metrics, and many more to boost your business. But, after a while, you have to uplift your marketing campaign along with your email marketing services.

There are several Campaign Monitor Alternatives to uplift your email marketing business without spending extra hours on it. In this blog, we will give you some alternative options for campaign monitor.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

It has all the required features an online campaign marketing system may need. the integrated SMTP reduces the load of email transmission.

  • Categorized Subscriber

This feature can categorize the customers based on the most and least profitable factors.

  • Auto Follow-Up

This feature sends auto-updates to the customers regarding upcoming events.

  • Email Tracker

This feature gives you access to view the unsubscribed emails, inactive customers, and bounce rate.

  • SMTP Routing

It relays using separate servers for email transmission of your campaigns. it fastens the email delivery, load balancing, and maximum inbox delivery.

2. MailGet

The eye-catching and readymade email templates make it popular among email marketers.

  • Activity Tracker

This campaign monitor alternative can track down the open/viewed ratio, inactive customers.

  • Preview Option

The mail preview option gives you a chance to correct the errors before sending.

  • Personalized Emails

The personalized emails boost the client relationship and improve email viewing up to 6x times.

  • Autoresponder

The auto responding features save your time from sending welcome, sign up and any routine follow-up messages.

3. Moosend

It is one of the fastest email marketing services.

  • Drag-And-Drop

The easy drag and drop features help you to create beautiful and customized email templates.

  • Segmentation

This feature helps you to break a large list into several small subgroups depending on several factors.

  • Advanced Tracking

The complete details of the service, such as whether it is delayed, reached, or bounced; can be tracked down by this feature.

  • Scheduled Delivery

With this feature, you can do scheduled delivery of all the transactional emails.

4. Mailjet

It is one of the most reliable campaign monitor alternatives.

  • Drag-And-Drop

It uses ‘PASSPORT” drag and drop editor.

  • Automated Contact Sync

This feature sync contact list to the website mail directly.

  • Auto Checker

It can check the open/click ratio, automated removal of inactive and spam subscribers.

  • Multi-Use Collaboration

The segmentation, real-time monitoring, A/B tests, and so many other features make it multi-functioning campaign alternatives.

5. EmailOctopus

This service requires you to connect it with free AWS account which in the latter cases can import the subscribers.

  • Automation

This feature can send emails of your new products or upcoming events automatically.

  • Real-Time Analysis

This feature gives you live updates on the open, click, bounce, and unsubscribe campaigning mails.

  • Integrated Website

This feature can connect your website or create custom opt-in forms and collect email addresses beforehand.

  • Coupled Services

This service is coupled with 500+ services, such as Salesforce, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey etc.

6. VerticalResponse

It is one of the most used campaign monitor alternatives due to its mobile-friendly and customized surveys.

  • Free Online Form Builder

There are several readymade templates to engage more audiences.

  • Preview

The system comes with a test kit with the inbox preview, subject line preview, and link checker. This preview gives you an insight into how it will look on the recipient's end.

  • Automation

Autoresponder feature saves your time by reducing the follow-up messages.

  • Customization

There are many more features, such as BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce, etc to enhance your campaign marketing.

7. CleverReach

It took place in the topmost campaign monitor alternatives for its targeted marketing feature.

  • Professional Format

It has DOI registration forms, import subscriber data, and blacklist recipients etc.

  • Live Tracking

The live tracking feature gives you the information of the opened, viewed and unsubscribe rate of the email.

  • Specialized Tools

This alternative has spam messages checker, SSL encryption, Captcha, filters and so many options.

  • Dynamic Content

With this, you can add RSS feed, dynamic content, A/B testing, automated mailings etc.

8. Juvlon

The simplified yet effective features of the alternatives make it famous among online marketers.

  • Contact Management

It has an automatic customer management system to handle un-subscriber, duplicates, and inactive contacts.

  • Live Tracking

The live tracking feature gives you an overview of the customer's activity on your campaign.

  • High-Class Email Authentication

With this feature, you can check spam mails as well as provides with end to end encryption.

  • Event-Based Emails

This feature can generate event-based emails and messages to customers from time to time.

9. Benchmark

Create and signup forms on website, blog, or any other social media; places it in the top 10 campaign monitor alternatives list.

  • Email Templates

With the easy drag and drop option, you can create beautiful and responsive emails within a minute. And there are various types of readymade templates to choose from.

  • Automated Messages

The automated emailing saves you from the welcome, sign in, purchase confirmations etc.

  • Email Tracker

One of the most reviewed features of this campaign monitor alternatives is to track the reports of opened emails, clicked links, bounce and other metrics. Not only that, but it also gives information on the shared and liked emails through social media.

  • Swift Transaction

It has integrated payment services to run your campaign smoothly.

10. ActiveCampaign

This alternative gives you access to send scheduled emails, event-based emails, as well as autoresponders.

  • Dynamic Content

This feature can insert live URL of a page. This makes the campaign up to date.

  • Performance Analysis

With this feature, you can compare the email campaign performances among different group of customers.

  • Graphical Representation

This email marketing has a segmentation option which can differentiate the customers considering various parameters, such as location, demographics, choices, behaviours, etc.

  • Unlimited Customization

You can customize your subscription forms and redirection page etc.

These are the top 10 best campaign marketing alternatives available in the market. None of these is free of cost, but if you are willing to boost or expand your business and website in the coming 2020. As well as lessening up the time, then choose the suitable option from the list and get ready to taste success.