How to Build a Profitable Affiliate Website Using WordPress

How to Build a Profitable Affiliate Website Using WordPress
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Do you want to build a profitable affiliated site? Or, you already have an affiliated WordPress site, that you want to optimize to increase your revenue. Affiliated marketing is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to make money online.

With the correct strategy, one can optimize their site so it attracts the right traffic, in turn getting more affiliated revenue to your table.

In this article, we'll tell you the best way to Build a Profitable Affiliate Website Using WordPress.

What is Affiliated marketing?

Affiliated marketing is a standout amongst the most reliable approaches to make money online for distributors. Affiliated marketing is the point at which you pick an item you like, advertise it on the web, and procure commissions when somebody buys it through your referrals.

But, before that you start making a living through affiliated commissions, you'll need a considerable large internet follower with the goal that you can promote the items to them.

The most straightforward approach to build a follower base and make profit from advertising products is by making your own affiliate site. This is the best definition of what is affiliate marketing.

How to Build an Affiliate Website Using WordPress

As there are many free web builders out there, but it is better to invest some money in setting your website, specifically if you want to make a living from it.

For most clients, a self-hosted WordPress webpage is the ideal solution since it gives you full authority of your site, regardless of whether you do have or not any technical knowledge.

It additionally comes with huge amounts of designs and add-ons to select from so you can create any sort of site you would ever imagine.

The best part is that you don't need a major budget plan to build a WordPress site that creates decent income. When you're beginning, you just need to pay for registering a domain name and a WordPress hosting plan to host your website.

A domain name is your site’s address. This is the name that your clients will type in their browser to reach your site.

Site hosting is your site's home on the web. This is the place where your content and site file’s will be stored.A domain name mostly costs $14.99/year and hosting price start from $7.99/month.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in WordPress

To start affiliate marketing websites, first you will have to pick a niche topic for your website, pick items dependent on the niche, and begin making content on your site to advertise them.

The most effortless approach to discover an item you need to advertise is to join a program like Amazon Associates or Share A Sale and browse through their website’s.

After you choose a product, you can get an affiliate link and advertise the item through that link on your website.

As you develop as an affiliate marketer, you'll likely utilize a similar affiliate link on huge amounts of various blog posts.

Hence, managing and arranging your affiliate linksin WordPress is essential. You can also use plugins like ThirstyAffiliates plugin to organize all your affiliate links in a single place.

ThirstyAffiliates plugin

How to Earn Affiliate Revenue by Attracting the Right Audience

Just because you built a website and began promoting items on it doesn't mean you will begin earning affiliate commission immediately.

To create affiliate deals on your site, you have to guarantee that you're attracting the correct audience of people who really read reviews and suggestions on your site before purchasing the items you advertise.

How can you determine your site attracts the right traffic and the intensions of your site guests?

On the off chance that the greater part of your traffic is from search engines, you can look at keyword intent to recognize whether you are attracting the right audience.

Before Start affiliate marketing programs, you also need to rank your site for investigation for all keywords.

Your potential users use investigational keywords when they attempt to look at items and search for suggestions and reviews.

Few of the phrase one will frequently see in investigational keywords are:

  • Best
  • Review
  • Comparison
  • Alternative

To look for actual search queries used by the natural visitors, one can go to the query report in Google analytics by navigating to Acquisition » Search Console » Queries.

search console queries

How to Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing Site to Boost Commissions

For how to become an affiliate marketer since you have begun attracting the right audience and have made some affiliate revenue, the following thing you should concentrate is on optimizing your affiliate website to increase your earnings.

To help you increase your income, you will have to begin tracking your affiliate links in Google Analytics. By tracking, affiliate links, you can figure out:

Most profitable traffic sources: As soon as you understood your most profitable sources, after that you can concentrate on advertising your content where you can get the best return of investment.

Top earning pages: Determine the highest converting pages on your site, so you can enhance them to make more earnings.

Content opportunities: Come up with new content to earn more income.

Simplest way to track your links is to utilize MonsterInsights on your site.It's the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress and empowers you to take full advantage of analytics tracking.

affiliate link tracking

Some advantages of utilizing MonsterInsights for optimizing affiliate links are:

  • You can recognize which internallinks are affiliate links in Google Analytics.
  • You can easily see the difference of youraffiliate links clicks with different clicks so you get a precise performance reporton how your guests are engaging in with your affiliate links in Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics can also recognize from which page the click originated from.

After the setup is complete, you can see your affiliated links report by going to Insights » Reports » Publishers from your dashboard.

For viewing the performance of all your affiliate links, click on View All Affiliate Links Report at the bottom of the report.

Types of Affiliated Websites

Affiliate Marketing

After knowing how to make a website using WordPress, you can choose high paying affiliate programs.

Daily deals website:

Daily deals work like in which you give discounts on your site’s products for a limited amount of time. Daily deal is a proven business model, they also come with some competition.

Price comparison website’s:

This sort of site, scan for an item and they give you costs from a wide range of different online shops and sometimes client reviews also. When somebody clicks through and makes a buy, the site gets some percentage of the sales cost.

This option requires you to set up a system that gathers and updates costs from all around the web. This can be confusing. In any case, but once it is set up, a lot of it works automatically.

Product review:

In this you just have to sign up to an affiliate network of your choice and review the products of your choice and help people decide others, whether to buy it or not and place affiliate links in your content.

To make things more supportive, you can likewise include other client reviews or compare products.

Affiliate blog:

Affiliate blog is another popular example of specialty blog and include links in their blogs to relate product.

So as to build your very own affiliate site, you have to pick whichever alternative is the most fitting for you. Obviously, you can likewise create a mix. Item reviews can likewise be anessential blog and the vice versa.

After learning how to make a website using WordPress, let’s see the benefits and disadvantages of having an affiliate marketing.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become very common and successful business model on the internet. It has advantages like:

  • There is no need to come up with or create your own product.
  • It has very low upfront fonts.
  • Low risk, no need to purchase inventory.
  • Having an eCommerce infrastructure is not your responsibility.
  • Possibility to earn money is not dependent of time and place.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

On How to Build a Profitable Affiliate Website Using WordPress for affiliate marketing, you only get paid if your purchase actually goes through. If you cannot convert anyone to click on the links and purchase something, nothing will come your way.

Also, the commissions vary across different programs, and some offer very low percentage. If you want, you can make this work, but remember that it takes a lot more traffic and clicks to earn a full-time income.

The biggest disadvantage in how to make a website using WordPress is you still need to find out how to make your site successful, get traffic and convert visitors into buyers.


Hope you understand how to do affiliate marketing, having an online website can benefit your business in many ways.  As Google has announced, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

This is the reason that you should optimize your WordPress performance if you haven’t yet. We, also, hope the above information gave you important bits of knowledge on building an affiliated website utilizing WordPress.