How to Update Blog Posts to Increase Your SEO Every Time

How to Update Blog Posts to Increase Your SEO Every Time
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Do you want to increase your SEO of your blog? Are you looking for easy methods to boost SEO? If yes, then you have landed on the right page.

Here we will discuss the best tips to increase SEO by updating old blog posts.  So keep reading this post until the end.

To increase your SEO every time there is a complete strategy you will need to follow without doing extra efforts.

Keep note- you could keep posting new posts along with updating old posts. The motive of updating old posts is only to enhance the SEO, and also it takes less time instead writing a new one.

Is updating old posts a good SEO practice?

Yes! According to Moz, every site should be updated on old posts and give your website a fresh score on Google.  This would help in telling Google your content is new, that spike the traffic with less effort.

In current times, we all know that updating quality content is worthy. But sometimes having updates on old blog posts can give a quick boost to your site.

So, how to update them?  We are not saying here updating means changing pictures and fonts.

You will need to add some more relevant information to the old post that users should know about.

Even more you can delete old facts and update the fresh facts to republish it. Let’s read the complete guide on updating old posts to increase your SEO.

Why should you update old blog posts?

Updating the old blog posts will offer you lots of benefits you can’t imagine. So let us see some of the good reasons to update old content, and how it will boost SEO.

1.   Increase Your CTR

Increase Your CTR

CTR (click through rate) is very crucial. If you don’t know what CTR means. Let us check an example.

When you do Google Search for any term, you will top 10 blog posts with many attractive titles. You will see many old blog posts which may be updated 2018, 2020, 2015 or so on. 

Well, there is no role of date. With the change in time, SEO also changes. The information sharing over the list is old because they have updated their blogs with new information.

On the other hand, when you click on any blog, it increases their CTR. This is crucial because in Google Algorithm the more your CTR is, the more you have traffic and increase in search rankings (SEO).

The CTR not only depends on date, it actually depends on Headline, description, and more. so you will need to check all things.

2.   Improve Freshness of the website

It is a true fact that Google will place higher priorities to the site who update their content regularly. If you’ve not updated the site yet for a long time, then it’s time now to get back with old posts.

Once you update the posts, it easily increases rankings of your all pages and improves the higher value. With the regular updates, Google Know about you and find your site fresh. Thus, the rankings improve.

3.   Remove broken Links

Broken links

One of the frustrating tasks in SEO practice is eliminating broken links. But thankfully, it’s not so difficult. To do this you can use the broken link checker tool.

When you analyse the site you will find all broken links coming to your site. You can either redirect the errors or disavow them in Google Webmaster. Once the error is fixed, your rankings start improving.

4.   Link old posts with best resources

If you are updating the old blog posts then linking it to new resources with relevant information can improve Your SEO. This would make your content totally fresh and add a lot of value in it. Moreover, it looks like new content for Google.

Once your content has everything, Google will rank your content easily. It is also a good idea to add calls to actions in the content.

5.   Optimize content with right keywords

If the content ranking is dropping or has Zero CTR, it means you have used the wrong keywords. One of the best ways to update old content is using right keywords and density in it.

You can find the right keywords from Ubersuggest and AHREF tools. Get the list of keywords and add in your content then update it.

How to update the old posts to improve your SEO?

Here are the steps to be followed to increase your SEO with old blog posts.

#1 Step- Find the post to update

Select the post that you can improve by adding images, content, newer stats, and more. Ensure you are writing like that work like a pro. 

#2 Step- Rewrite the content

Once the post is selected, you can update the content by adding accurate information in it. Add more relevant information in the content that value your readers, add more useful images, and use stats if possible.

The purpose of rewriting the content is not to change the entire article, but to enhance the quality of the article. Do not change words or images; write the meaningful content that ranks on the top of search pages.

#3 Step- Add right keywords in the content

Using the right keywords at the right placement can help increase your SEO. Well, it is not compulsory; if you have already used the right keywords then don’t make the changes.

But if you haven’t used it previously, then add it and see the change in rankings.  Also note- Update Meta tags and remove old keywords with fresh one.

#4 Step- Publish old post

Once your content is ready to post, update the date on it. When you are updating the old post, update it with a new and fresh date so Google knows about it and crawl it immediately.

#5 Step- Promote the post

When an old post is updated, you can promote the post on various social media platforms. You can email to your subscribers or update on marketing channels for better results.

So, you see the worth of updating the old post.  Start updating the posts and increase your SEO with fewer efforts.