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30+ Best WordPress Newspaper Themes for News and Magazine Websites 2023

30+ Best WordPress Newspaper Themes for News and Magazine Websites 2023
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The most professional, modern and always up-to-date WordPress newspaper themes for compelling news pages and online magazines. You even can't imagine how useful these themes and were meant for your site business.

With such amazing ideas and concept, we offer you with 30+ best newspaper WordPress themes which not only gives success for your newspaper business but also, can make use of it for any blogs, articles websites too.

Here in this blog, I am going to demonstrate with some of the best themes which no doubt will help you for your career as well as business growth. Let's have a look.


newspaper magazine wordpress heme

Newspaper is a clean, modern, user-friendly, fast-loading, customizable, flexible, functional and fully responsive Newspaper WordPress theme for news, articles, blogs, magazine, online business, entertainment, etc.,

If one is seeking for there website design and business search for such type of themes, then Newspaper is one for that kind. It not only provides you with news articles and details but also for various sources like entertainment, sports, food blogs, travel blogs, beauty and spa, and other timepass news and gossips.

The theme is for everyone from kids to elders. It can provide you with news to the poem and from poem to entertainment world news.



Newsmag is one kind from the category of top 10 best WordPress magazine themes, best built for those who were looking for the business websites like magazine, blogs, creative, portfolio, photography, simple and elegant, news and titles, headlines and breaking news, etc.,

Newsmag - News Magazine Newspaper is one of the stunning and simple to analyze, utilize, usability, and easy to use WordPress theme. This theme is incarnation with beautiful features and WordPress templates.

Latest versions to updates, this theme offers you with fantastic key characteristics. User-friendly this theme is simply outstanding for any business growth.



The SmartMag is amazing WordPress theme for Newspaper, best for the minimal blogs, social networking sites, New Magazine, articles, zodiac signs, readings, sun sign, stars, and belief, etc., this theme is perfect for such websites and business.

SmartMag signs and beliefs are kinds of business nowadays, people use to make their portal's online, for the myths and belief in technology.

SmartMag WordPress theme is one such for that online business and websites where one can enlarge the business and its growth with easy customization process and with various editing options provided.

Gillion (Trending Item)


The Gillion is one of the best newspaper WordPress theme often can use for website designs like blogging, newspaper articles, digital marketing, articles and posts, data information gathering, newspaper agency, digital agency, creative, blogs and posts, minimal blogs, creative, portfolio, etc.,

The Gillion is handy, developer-friendly, user-friendly, mobile-friendly and simple to use WordPress theme. Minimal offers you with minimalist data blogs and information, which is beneficial for industry growth.

One can create an amazing website platform with this theme, very simple and handy can be designed with various editing options.



Soledad is a responsive, Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine/News AMP multipurpose, flexible and fully customizable WordPress theme, with WordPress latest version and feature this theme is best for any newspaper websites design and perfect for shopping, blogs, and posts, blogs, articles, news, personal blog, lifestyle, online shop, bloggers, etc.,

Soledad is a kind and easy to use WordPress theme. One can post there blogs and experience towards life and fashion with this theme. Online business like lifestyle, tips and tricks, personal blogs, etc., were increasing immensely. So to have a website for such type of business, blog, and shop is a perfect one for those kinds.



MagPlus is being designed especially for those kinds of websites who want to explore their news and magazine business on a big platform, online, social, these were some of the platforms where one can have great exposure to there websites and have a vast business growth.

MagPlus is for blogs, magazine, newspaper build with tons of shortcodes and plugins which provides fantabulous features. Created with wonderful ideas and concepts this theme is colorful and great framework architecture make this theme simply outstanding.

With beautiful image options, photo gallery, travel, and fun blogs, MagPlus is an eye-pleasing WordPress theme for any magazine websites.


city news

CityNews is one of the best among Comprehensive newspaper WordPress themes, that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. CityNews comes with security plugins and great team support with experts group and friendly help.

You can create great news and magazine websites with our Lifestyle templates. CityNews is a bestseller theme perfect for blogging, excellent news headlines, latest updates, publishing, and reviews, etc.,

Integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc., gives you a complete package of responsiveness and multi-functionality usage.



PenNews is a customizable WordPress theme, PenNews for small and large firms, online business, corporate, organizations, minimal, blogs, posts, news, etc., PenNews is a staggering, clean, clear, well crafted, full documentation, simple and an amazing Newspaper WordPress theme.

One can make a website for a magazine and news portal, and for another corporate sector. With HTML5 and CSS3 coded, PenNews provides you with attractive layouts and designs. Build with WPBakery Builder Plugins, this theme offers some of the marvelous features and functions.

Prime News

prime news

The Prime News is one among the top 10 best WordPress magazine themes best suited for the blogs, newspaper, magazines, portfolio, personal blogs, professional blogs, blogs, and posts, creative, etc.,

The Prime News is the most versatile designed theme. Come with the combination of easier, faster, more beautiful featured layouts.

Character comes with WooCommerce compatibility, various different shortcodes, Gutenberg ready, Theme Options Panels, colors and graphics, image gallery, sliders, and sidebars, beautiful and simple to understand content, header, and footer layout, this theme is perfect for any online business for magazines and news websites.

As the name says, basically build for personal blogs and magazines websites.

Jannah News

jannah news

Jannah News Newspaper Magazine News AMP BuddyPress WordPress theme is a stylish, lightweight, professional and personal theme for magazines, portfolio, classic, blog, lifestyle, stylish, feminine, websites.

Jannah News has been designed with absolute attention to each little detail. Beautifully crafted landing pages styles with no coding effort provide you with faster loading speed.

One of the best Newspaper WordPress magazine theme on Themeforest. With the latest versions and updates, new elements, new features, and new customization options to create new unique styles and layouts. This theme helps for shopping and online purchasing with shop features and shoppable images.


Voice - Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

One can create a newspaper and magazine site with Voice as it is one of the best WordPress news themes.

For news articles, breaking news, headings and upcoming events, Voice - Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme is perfect for creating such websites for online business.

With features and key characteristics incarnation, Voice is an awesome magazine WordPress theme. From magazines to articles, blogs to breaking ads, entertainment news, this theme is best suited for such sites.

SEO optimized this theme offers you with traffic and rankings in the search engine to make your business at the top in Google search. Flexible and reliable this theme is simple, elegant and easy to use.


Herald - News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

Herald is one of a kind news channel WordPress theme which is built specifically for showcasing the videos, news channels, live telecast, breaking news, entertainment news, sports news, etc., one can design their website for news channel with this Herald - News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme.

With video streaming, buffering, YouTube, and so forth is build with the structure, content, and style of a professional news TV channel, journalists, newspaper channels, news magazine website.

With 24/7 news broadcast channel subscriptions, this theme is perfectly used to design such websites who works on a TV channel business and wants to make there own website for such sites.

The Voux

The Voux - A Comprehensive Magazine WordPress Theme

If someone wants to design marketing, media, agency, magazine, news websites than The Voux is an option one can opt for.

With Envira Gallery this theme provides you with as many image options as one want can upload in there websites. Professionally designed and user-friendly this theme can be nicely handled by the beginner as well.

No need for coding knowledge required with this The Voux. Social media sharing such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc., runs well with this theme so one can share blogs and posts with such social networking with easy and in a more effective manner.

Grand News

Grand News

Grand News is one of the best WordPress news themes where one can design a website in every aspect for editorial, broadcast, magazine, portfolio, news, etc., Grand News is very simple, attractive, colorful theme, one can easily understand it.

Not much coded fine for beginner user and can be customized at any side of the theme as per one's requirements.

Grand News as the name given comes with the complete data format, structure, element, and styling layouts. This theme covers all the major segments if you want to design a website for news or magazine business.

Woohoo News

Woohoo News - Newspaper Magazine News AMP Multipurpose

Woohoo News is a minimal styling Newspaper WordPress theme, where you can use it to design simple sites for your magazines and newspaper.

Woohoo News comes with Megamenu gallery slider, one can add the latest news posts, About us section, social media, etc., as the name says, Simple is super easy and responsive in any aspect.

The theme comes with WordPress latest version 5.1.1+ provides you with updates features and framework. Typography, Google Fonts, Fonts Awesome Icons, etc., make the theme stand out from the others.

The Issue

The Issue - Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme

The Issue is one of the most prominent news and magazine styling that cover news theme WordPress for making any website for the purpose of news whether you want to design a news, sports, TV schedule, health, World, Travel, art & entertainment, autos, deals and so on.

The Issue can be perfectly used for such news categories of websites. The sticky menu on all devices allows your users easy access to your menu at all time, without scrolling back at the top of the page to navigate to a different part of your site. The Issue a Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme on ThemeForest.


GoodLife - Magazine & Newspaper WordPress Theme

GoodLife is one of the elegant, responsive, clean, clear, finely coded, and one kind of a news portal WordPress theme. The GoodLife can be used to design to news apps, where one can design news TV channels and news magazine websites applications for mobile app users.

A website should be designed in such a way that it works well on any handy and portable devices. Our GoodLife is one such kind where you can design a news channe website using this theme.

With this theme, you can allow your users to show the brief mobile listings of your local broadcast. Your visitors will find it easy and can handle the app for various breaking and latest news updates.


NewStar - News Magazine Newspaper

NewStar is a Responsive and retina ready design WordPress theme exclusively built for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review websites. It is fully responsive, retina ready and easy to customize.

NewStar is basically for the movies news sites theme, but can easily make there own newspaper websites with this NewStar. NewStar can also be considered as one of the kinds of news portal WordPress theme.

Talking about laws, rule, justice, newspaper and news articles are filled with crimes, laws, murders, law firms, etc., so you can have this theme for designing your very own newspaper websites.

You can make the use of tickers of law as for those to breaking news ticker for highlighting breaking news which can be seen on most of the news articles and newspaper magazines. Your site has its own news tickers to bring the latest, breaking news to your visitors.


Multinews - Multi-purpose WordPress News,Magazine

One can have there owned online e-reading books and articles store with Multinews. You can design your magazine and newspaper websites with this theme.

People when not having much time opt for online reading and you can design your online reading websites for blogs, news articles, daily world news with Multinews.

It can be used for publishers as well as authors and product launch purpose. Multinews - Multi-purpose WordPress News,Magazine is also suitable for publishers or product launches who want to publish different content of magazines and also want to have products highlighted.


Newsroom - Newspaper Theme

One can have a best newspaper and magazine website with Newsroom which covers news theme WordPress for all categories of news, laws, advertising, breaking news, blogs, magazine, broadcast tv schedule, live news, broadcast news theme, news magazine, etc.,

Newsroom is designed with splendid features which give you immense layout designs, functionalities, usability, security, scalability and many more.

Newsroom is one of the Newspaper WordPress themes which has several inbuilt shortcodes which can be used on any page. So any type of custom layouts can also be created using those page builder plugins all of which are compatible with this theme.


AlYoum Retina Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

You can design and develop for your newspaper and magazine websites with AlYoum, is one of the best that cover news theme WordPress. You can build and broadcast news Technology news website.

Youtube, sidebar TV schedule, allows you to show listings of your local news broadcast and helps in designing very minimal usage.

One can have news in any language as the theme is multilingual translation ready, so if one wants Hindi news, English news, Marathi news, or any required language category, one can develop and design a website with this AlYoum.


Legatus - Responsive News Magazine Theme

Legatus is a modern, clean, responsive, multipurpose and retina-ready WordPress theme where you can design websites for magazines, newspapers, review sites, or blogs with Legatus. Easy, flexible, mobile and HD ready.

Legatus comes with SEO and UX optimized. Legatus is a perfect premium theme with full-featured packed, regular updates with new features available for free to existing buyers.

Uniquely designed demos, multi-page content slideshow, drag & drop page builder, easy sample content, navigation mega menu, etc.,

Legatus offers you with plenty of features and functionalities that help to design your theme in a more simple and sophisticated way.


NewsPost - News Magazine WordPress Theme

Websites like the portfolio, blog, blogger, personal blog, professional blog, articles, products, premium, free, newspaper, news articles, politics, health, sports, etc., can be created with NewsPost as it is one well suited from news channel WordPress theme.

NewsPost is digital marketing where it is best for the online business, e-reading, blogs and posts of magazines and articles can be done nicely.

Stupendous layouts, phenomenal structure, spectacular designs, extraordinary creativity makes the Creative Agency an awful theme. Simply perfect for designing any kind of newspaper and magazines websites.


Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News theme

One who wants a simple, minimalist style, trendy look, artists, blogs, and articles posts, for personal and professional, newspaper articles in a simple black and white color with minimal use can use Sahifa for designing such websites.

Sahifa are one of the best categorized Hindi news WordPress theme. Multilingual translation ready Sahifa comes in different language options so you can choose the language as per your needs.

Sahifa WordPress theme is created to suit all those minimal style website design lovers who want something in minimal and yet something very attractive and modern.


NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP

NewsCore is a cutting-edge, feature-rich WordPress theme for fashion blogs, magazines, magazine theme, modern, creative, portfolio, review theme, newspaper etc., websites. Using the exclusive NewsCore drag and drop, users can have fun creating a unique landing page and easily make modifications.

Keeping mobile users in mind this theme has been coded and designed as per responsive and mobile friendly devices.

NewsCore is designed to be cross-browser compatible. Customizable design of fashion theme made it convenient for you to tweak your website as per your choice anytime.


Today - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Today is a clean, crystal clear, transparent, multipurpose theme best to design websites like newspaper and magazines. Every single aspect and part of the Today has been minutely discussed and planned to be easy to follow and understand.

Today comes with powerful sharing buttons, trending listings, and multiple ad locations. One can add video related features with the Today for news and breaking news articles and other amazing demos, this theme inspired by Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other video sites.

Top News

Top News - WordPress News & Magazine Theme

Top News is a truly multipurpose theme so can be used for multipurpose like blogging, articles blogs, and posts, newspaper magazines, etc., Top News is categorized as one of the best news channel WordPress theme.

Top News WordPress template comes with a very nice slider on the top. Favorites, bookmarks collections, read later collection, user-created collections, outstanding light mode, Gutenberg ready Top News is like icing on the cake.

The features of the theme are simple, elegant and hence easy to use. User-friendly this theme helps in designing sites for your own business. Designed from dozens of options and unlimited colors to display your content in a unique and customized design.


NewsPlus - News and Magazine WordPress theme

NewsPlus encompasses clean and modern design, backed with best SEO practices, fast pagespeed scores, schema microdata and well optimized code.
NewsPlus is a minimal, clean, well structured, crafted WordPress theme. One can design a magazine websites with Naturo. NewsPlus comes with flexible features and well content management, well coded with high immense features and multi-functionality.

NewsPlus is a simple, easy to use WordPress theme where one can have a portfolio designs, magazine articles, newspaper themes, blogs, and articles. NewsPlus is unique and more in demand due to its minimalistic and simple look and feel.


Portus - News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

Portus is a multipurpose, responsive WordPress theme. Eye-catching designs layouts of header and footer, custom logo is simply perfect to design newspaper and magazine websites. Well coded as the Portus comes with minimal page speed so even after page refresh the page speed doesn't matter.

One can filter the homepage as the home filters provided with the theme. External link redirect page, heart-stopping images, beautiful homepage sections, simple yet creative designs, put a cherry on the cake.


Master Premium Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

If one is seeking to start a business in magazines and newspaper online than Master is a perfect platform to get started with. You can design websites for your business with this theme. Master allows you to have editing options hence the theme is fully customizable.

One can make changes from any point of view. Master comes with Page Builder Plugins and various different shortcodes, which makes your nifty code to a simple understandable line. Responsive and with beautiful landing pages, this theme is eye-pleasing and easy to use.

Domino Magazine

Domino Magazine

Domino Magazine is a multipurpose theme and a very simple, easy, unique, elegant, structured best for websites like industries, corporate, newspaper, magazines, blogs, online business, etc., you can create and design your website with Domino Magazine for magazines and newspaper.

This theme offers you those features which are required to make a site for the newspaper business. With unique designs, stunning layouts, great features, innovative functionalities, this theme is just perfect for online business.

SEO and SMO friendly this theme gives you a chance to make more traffic which leads to having more viewers and customers ultimately leads to the growth of the company.

Above listed 30+ are the best WordPress themes for NewsPaper and Magazines. With features and functions detailed, you can have a site for your business with any of this theme. I hope this blog will help you in your business growth.