9 Simple Tips for Making an About Us Page That Works for Your Brand

9 Simple Tips for Making an About Us Page That Works for Your Brand
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An about us page can be a perfect thing to raise your standards and keep you standing ahead of your competitors. So, writing an about us page demands utmost attention and care.

And the best part is that an about us page does not need to be polished regularly, and you do not need to invest in something expensive.

But writing a compact about us page can be daunting. So, we have prepared 9 tips for you to make the perfect about us page for your brand.

Talk about the audience at the beginning:

All of us are always concerned only about our problems. So, when it comes to researching services or products online, we want to know how the brand is beneficial to us. In short, you need to be consumer-oriented.

The opening sentence or sentences in the about us page must be dedicated to the objectives and challenges of your audience. Explain to them that you always care about their requirements.

Then, the facts must be clearly stated. If you are finding it difficult to boast about your brand, then you do not need to overcomplicate things, and you can simply state the facts to your audience or readers.

And it can be anything such as your customer retention rate, amounts of latest services or products, and the awards you have gathered.

And obviously, no one will be able to argue with straightforward statements and raw figures.

Media plays an important role:

Make sure that your about us page is a treat to human eyes. And for doing this, you need to consider using timelines, infographics, videos, and photos.

When the audience is going to find and seek your about page, you must do something to capture their attention for the maximum amount of time possible.

To be more precise, you need to include powerful design and image, along with offering the most vital information they desire.

For helping your customers get a visualization of your company, you may include individual shots of your team members, management, and most importantly, photographs of you in action at a popular event, or you may also share an exciting image of a night out for work. All these will add character to the brand.

Videos have always been a perfect entertainment option. Include short clips for showcasing your company’s vibe in a few seconds. If you lack extensive resources or time, you may include vine videos as well.

Showcase your story:

It is not always necessary to have an interesting story. But still, a story can be told by focusing on what makes you a human.

Start from the very beginning, say about your founding, and how it looked at the beginning and how it is now. Tell about what you did to shape the company. Also, add plenty of old photos.

People enjoy watching the improvement of a company along with the photo quality. Make it similar to a scrapbook. Social icons and customer ratings will strengthen this page even more.

Say about, from where you have emerged and how you became so big, add a pinch of personal touch to the about us page.

Also, keep in mind that you do not need to tell everything to the audience. They will never read your year-by-year account. So, the information needs to be accordingly filtered. Mention the components that can grab human interest.

The about page must reflect your brand:

Yes, having the most impressive videos, unique features, and top-notch designs will do.

But it will only work best if all these elements fit with your remaining site, your overall company and brand, and your industry. Make sure that your about us page suits your Mission and Vision page as well.

While including photographs, just make sure that it has the same format that your rest of the site has.

For example, your website may focus on bold colors and unique shapes; then, you need to follow the same theme for the images on the about us page as well.

In short, you need to be succinct. You must maintain consistency in your looks, and it will prove your brand more authority automatically.

Also, keep your tone consistent. You need to understand that we are residing in a multi-platform era, and there is a possibility that your site is not the first-time interaction with your brand. Most of the visitors read articles and read tweets beforehand.

So, keep maintaining consistency in tone right from the very beginning. Consider the about us page as the culminating point of the things that keep your brand ahead of the crowd.

Your contact details and address need to be included:

Several people out there feel unsecured or hesitate to spend their money across the internet. So, you need to let them know that you are a man of your words, and you are genuine.

Yes, you might not want to tell your whole address, so you must state your town and city at least. Moreover, the potential and self-aware customers are not likely to get connected to you if they do not see your location.

Make sure that you always keep your contact details up to date on the about us page. And also, with an outdated email or contact number, you will lose potential sales. Also, in your contact details, you may speak about your social media pages.

Exclude the gibberish:

Often people think that they look intelligent by stuffing acronyms into their about us page. But the truth is that jargons are cold and boring. And people will never be able to remember you.

People want something simple so that they can easily learn about you. So, keep in unambiguous and precise, and keep a conversational tone.

Although your writing will depend on the type of your organization or company, you must keep your website and content feels friendly and accessible. Your readers must enjoy while reading.

Do not keep pathetic or vague names for the about us page because people want to know about you. So, just cut it short.

Consider the opinions of people:

You may ask your friends, family, clients, and employees about what makes your company stand out from the crowd. Also, it is difficult to understand your brand if you have worked for too long, and it becomes difficult to see your brand from the viewpoint of your customers.

After you have come to know about what makes you different, keep it as your central focus. And in case if you think that you do not have anything special about you or your company, look at things from a different direction. Focus on what are things that make your customers or audience unique.

Allow your clients to speak:

For instance, while deciding on going to a dentist, a hairdresser, or a clothing store, you do not decide on what the company boasts about itself. At that time, you look for information.

So, try making an information hub with captivating customer testimonials on your about us page.

Make sure that you include the full name of your client or customer and any other significant details that can add credibility to the testimonials.

And if possible, try to include customer photographs, because it helps in establishing trust.

Also, you can add customer-focused accreditation and awards. For example, if you were ever voted for being your locality’s favorite security service provider, include this in the about us section.

Test the page:

There is no existence of magical formulas for perfecting an about us page. So, it is always a better idea to test it, and you will have to the process of making an about us page must be treated with care.

You need to establish amendments. An optimum time needs to be invested for going through the analytics for bounce rate, visit duration, and traffic volumes.

The odd sentence needs to be tweaked, a few more images need to be added, chop a few of them out, and new videos need to be introduced based on the insight you collect.

You also need to make sure that everybody can access your page from various devices. Do not invest your precious time in making a page and end up making it visible to a small audience. So, you must not ignore the tablet and mobile device users.

It does not matter whether you have a responsive website design or a mobile-friendly website; the page's performance needs to be constantly tested.

Your about us page must do the correct job when it comes to providing an insight to your customers into your company or brand's inner workings. It must highlight the how(s), why(s), and what(s) of the brand.

Thus, it is necessary to stay honest and choose the correct phrases and words. Invest your creativity and little emotion while crafting the about us page for your brand.

You need to understand that the more real you are, the easier it will be for the audience to connect with you.