Best Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate and Boost Conversions Rate of Your Website

Best Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate and Boost Conversions Rate of Your Website
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Do you want to reduce bounce rate of website? Of course, you want. That’s why you are here and want to know some good tips that can help you out of this big trouble.

Most often people confused about the term Bounce rate as what this exactly means and how this affects SEO and Conversion rate of your website.

Today, we would like to talk about everything in detail and also we will show you the best tips to reduce the bounce rate of website with little efforts. So, are you ready?

Let us dive!
Her we are considering an example so you could better known about the Bounce rate. Many of times you have visited the physical store for purchasing items, but you returned.

Perhaps it is because you didn’t like the store or you were not satisfied with the products that you expected. Your reason can be any, but the vital thing is you get back.

When this same situation occurs with your online store, this called the bounce rate. In other words, users are not engaging with your site and they’re not getting exactly what they expected while visiting your website.

If you want to run a successful site then all you need to look deeper into all faults with the help of developers, makers, writers, and contributors.

If you are getting enough traffic that means you have major time to convert them into active customers and subscribers.

If your site has a high bounce rate, this act a silent killer to cut your conversions and slow down the speed of a website. Most of the times your users receive HTTPS error, slow loading time, and difficulty in getting quality traffic and more.

What Should Be The Bounce Rate?

Google defines the bounce rate as the percentage of receiving visitors who left the site after reviewing one page. For any website owner, it is vital to know what should be the exact bounce rate.

According to Google Analytics, 25%-40% is an excellent bounce rate and 41% to 55% sounds average and more than 56-70% is roughly average.

If you have a bounce rate within 56-70 you need to do some efforts to get back in an average or excellent area. Or if you bounce rate above 70% then it is an alarm to pit hard efforts on the site.

Rather than worrying about the bounce rate percentage, you should need to act now. Therefore, we have shared the best tips on reducing the bounce rate of the website quickly.

With these killing ideas, you can see the improvement in bounce rate that further improve conversion and Website SEO.

1. Must Focus On Your Content- Make It More Readable!

As we already know, content is the king of any website. Therefore, to enhance your user’s experience make sure your content has high readability. It is what impact your user's mind and it is what that mesmerizes your users and influences them to keep reading and fan of your site.

content marketing

Ensure you have short and catchy text that easily power users to read on. Because big lines usually create a scare in readers that they have to read long.

Don’t go too short, just be simple and easy that interests users to continue reading and he would like to navigate the site.

Remember your content have images, don’t add it after a single line or para. Must focus on your formatting. Optimisation of Great content with proper formatting along with catchy images can keep your users engaged rather a weak formatting and poor content.

You need to make sure your formatting is catching that usually grabs the attention of readers. Use Bullet points and subheadings that shed light on your content. Make your content in a conversational tone that interacts with the user’s mind.

This also allows readers to scan the content whole because you are talking about their concerns.
The more your content easier the more you earn the user’s experience. Thus it reduces the bounce rate.

2. Focus On Your CTA

CTA defines as Call-To-Action. You know how much CTA is important. Once you have received visitors on the website and hold them in your site for minutes, this means they find your content appealing so you need to act upon it.

Create a compelling CTA to show them what you are selling and what are your offers or site is whole about. The audience must convert by CTA. But make it enough power that they think about your site only.

Don’t go with multiple CTA’s. Just do one and make it enough to better your site and reduce the bounce rate. The more audience stays in your site the more you improve with the bounce rate.

3. Produce Relevant Content

Besides the technical configuration, one should need to understand that Relevancy also matters. It is a significant point that affects the bounce rate mostly.

Let us consider one example. Keywords play an important role to make content relevant. Some website uses exact matching keywords that relevant to your content and user’s need.

Whereas some use irrelevant content just for the sake of getting clicks, but they forget this affects the bounce rate.

If your content is irrelevant to the user’s query, this will get the bounce rate for sure. Likewise, if you are selling a beauty product and writing for electric appliances, fortunately, you lose the audience and thus get a high bounce rate.

So the pro tip is that when you are creating content for users with a landing page then make sure it is highly relevant with a user’s query.

This improves the bounce rate and keeps your users engaged with the content. Most importantly, target the keywords more intentionally by keeping your users in the mind.

Also must ensure for what purpose you are writing and creating a landing page for users. If your landing page is about product information then keep your content informational on that product.

Answering your user’s needs usually attracts more audiences that further reduce the bounce rate.

4. Use Videos To Keep Users Engaged

Videos are highly engaging than reading a big content. To grab the attention of users it is a must to add visual text in your content. These are powerful and you can use any media or combination of both such as music, clips, audio, and more tools.


Even you can create an effective presentation on engaging more audiences.

Video Marketing Secrets to Increase Brand Awareness. Moreover, the study showed in 2005 the average users participate in visual content rather than text content. This includes typography, color schemes, layouts, and logo designs. Make sure you have hired the professionals to do all these things.

5. Maintain The User-Friendliness

One of the important aspects to reduce the bounce rate of a website is to enhance User-friendliness. You know that most users search with mobile devices so you have to be active and reduce your loading time as much as possible.

If your site is failing to optimize in the user’s device, the more chances increase to have a high bounce rate.

You have only seconds to rock, and if you are missing this your users are shifting to another source. And don’t forget you are not alone in the market, you have rivals who are always ready to beat you.

Make sure your site is extremely optimized by 95% for mobiles. Most of the audience, whether it is a student or a businessman, use mobile to do searches. Hence, Google also Rank those content that displays quickly on mobiles.

Previously, website owners don’t lead their focus on optimization, but this becomes extremely important.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how extraordinary your content is and how much it is stuffed with relevant keywords. If it fails to open on smartphones, your efforts result in zero.

So, to enhance the user-friendliness all you need to improve the site’s speed and install Jetpack plugin to activate the mobile theme and you will go good on phones as well.

6. Don’t Put Heavy Ads


User’s usually feeling irritated and annoying when they get pop-ups after every one minute. This sometimes left users from your site permanently.

Do you want this? The study showed that 70% of users left the site because of unwanted ads placement in the content and pop-ups.

Moreover, it is said that. Google will penalize the site who have too many ads on their web page. Hence, it is suggested to everyone not to place unnecessary ads on their site especially on search bar or menu bar.

With this, you will get more time to interact with users and give them the convenience to read the content carefully.

7. Don’t Forget To Add 404 Error Page

Sometimes your site left with some broken links, this is why the custom 404 error page exists. An error page can be disappointing for your consumer. So make sure your site has no broken errors. With this, you can reduce your bouncing rate.

To better the site performance and rank #1 on Google, it is vital to work on the Bounce rate. These are the most trusted hacks to reduce the bounce rate of the website. Follow the all and see the changes.