Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rates with These 6 Design Tips

Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rates with These 6 Design Tips
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In this digital era, the need of a flashy website design or messy website does not have any space. As the websites are becoming more and more user engaging, there needs to be subtle and vivid design patterns which can draw maximum conversions.

The conversions can be any form, be it traffic to phone calls, queries, emails, followers, subscribers or the most important, into potential and credible customers.

You need to have a user engaging, navigation friendly and Search Engine Optimized design to have maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

There are number of top-notch and technically advanced SEO Services India which can help you establish a niche in the market by providing you the desired visibility and reach.

Getting a good designer will not cost you an arm and a leg but it’s an affordable and intelligent decision. Here are certain tips to beef up your website’s conversion rates. Follow these and I am sure you will hit the nail on the head.

1.     Opt For a Responsive Design

With the increase in Smartphones, the mobile traffic has shot up high even more than the desktop websites. According to a recent survey, around 60% traffic comes from the mobile phone users. This figure cannot be ignored in any case.

Having a two website option is really bad. It’s not only expensive but its maintenance costs high too. Rather go for responsive designs as offered by WordPress. Being responsive means the website has the layout across any screen size and does not messes up.

So make sure that the design you select should be highly responsive as well as retina friendly.

2.     Choose a simple design over a complex noise

A complex design seems like someone is shouting loudly. These days’ people prefer the websites which have a clean, clear and simple design yet professional.

Loud and flays website designs are outdated. The reason being is that, more and more websites have become user engaging be it in the form of blogs or reviews and leaving out comments.

People love more of white space. The visitors are not impressed by the flashy images, those loud banners, ugly ads, unwanted animations etc.

The conversion rate from visitors to customers is higher in the websites which provide quality content and information.

3.     Say no to Stock Photos

Content is which is the ruler. Stocking un-necessary photos around every page annoys the user. Avoid using stock photos.

In case there is something serous you want to depict using photos, then better hire a professional photographer and make sure the mages depict some professionalism.

On the contrary, better use the content as people who are visiting you from the mobile phones or other mobile devices are genuinely not interested in your images.

If you don’t provide a user engaging content, then no matter how elite design you have selected, everything gonna go wrong.

4.     Keep your navigation Simple

Keep your navigation Simple

For a rich and amazing user experience make your website is easy to navigate. The first two seconds of each traffic visit are important. If a visitor does not find what exactly he is looking for within that time frame, he is all set to visit the new SERP.

More finding time means the user is getting more and more frustrated. Ensure to keep the navigation menu as clean, vivid and simple as possible.

Displaying too many options will leave your visitors and in dilemma.  And an overwhelmed visitor is determined to visit another website for sure.

5.     Don’t make it difficult for a potential customer to contact you

It’s always easy to pick up the phone and contact the seller of course. But most of the customers want their information digitally only i.e. by emailing or having a query section.

It’s better to have a contact me form tab available in the menu. Another area should be your footer, where your contact information should be clearly displayed.

If a customer finds difficulty in searching the way, he should contact you or his doubts are not cleared, then he may leave your website and may land up in your competitor’s page for sure. Keep a simple contact form with just three fields name, email and message.

Make sure to reply immediately or the same day so as to make sure that the customer returns to you and gets converted into your potential customer.

Another aspect in this is make you’re all your WebPages and products are search engine optimized. A person should be greeted by SERPS with your webpage if he is looking for a type of products and services which your company offers.

SEO services India are very affordable and fall directly into budget. Hire any SEO expert from India or team up with any Indian service provider website, surely this going to be a blessing in disguise. The Indian professionals are not only talented but are strike budget friendly deals too.

6.     Remove your social media feeds

There was a time when social media was considered as new and fresh and everyone started to populate their WebPages with the social feeds on their respective websites. Today, customers know everything regarding social media.

They themselves connect with your brand so as to gather information and check your online visibility on social media.

Adding Facebook and Twitter RSS/feeds on the website not only website clumsy but also distracts the customers from their real goal. Thus, the conversion rates drops.

You can place your social icons such as Facebook, twitter, pin interest, Instagram etc in the footer section or sidebar of the website and also hyperlink them to your accounts.

If a visitor feels genuinely interested and feels inclined to follow or connect you, they will automatically do so.

Ensure that the visitor / Customer navigates through your website, engages himself in the content written on the website, complete all the forms, makes purchases and not just goes through your previous posts on Facebook or tweets on twitter and wastes time.

So, the ball is in your court and you have to decide now.  Ensure the compliance of all these tips and see the revenue of your company increasing exponentially.

Hire a good and experienced freelancer. Read my article on non-designer’s guide for hiring a freelancer before making a choice. All your doubts are answered there.

So, follow these tips and no one can stop from getting a worldwide recognition. In case I have missed out on any point, feel free to share them in the comment section below. Just make the desired adjustments and give you users a rich and incredible web surfing experience.