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Beginner’s Guide: What is a Domain Name and How Do Domains Work?

Beginner’s Guide: What is a Domain Name and How Do Domains Work?
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If you want to make your website live on the internet and search engine then you need to register a domain name. A domain name is the address of your website. With this, you and your users can reach your place quickly.

A domain name is mainly available for the user to recognize the computers. If you are unknown with this importance then Guide to Domain Names for Beginners is for you.

If you are a beginner, you may know about the domain name. But there are numbers of people who are confused about website hosting and domain name.

If you are in the same position, then you will need to check this Guide to Domain Names for Beginners to start great. In this guide, our motive is only to make you an expert. So, let us get started!

What is a Domain name?

The Domain name is the address of your website so the user can find you easily. You can even say the domain name is a house address of your website on the internet.

In simple words, if anyone needs to visit your place, you will give him the address of the house. And here the address is called domain name.

It is registered by the internet by entering the details in the form. Hyphens are used to create a domain name to make it meaningful.

Moreover, the domain name can be in words and letters both such as .com, .edu, and more. Well, every domain name is inimitable for every website. So, the user can reach your address with ease without going to another’s place.

Guide to Domain Names for Beginners

To identify the domain name a serial number and IP address of the computer are used. This can help the user to identify a computer on the internet. The IP address can be 66.25.891.5

It’s quite difficult to identify the IP address of every user, therefore, the use of domain name is highly important and they were invented to solve this issue.

If you and your user want to reach your place, there is no need to enter an IP address. You just type the address of website www.example.com

How do domain names work?

To know how domain work works then continue reading Guide to Domain Names for Beginners.

To understand this work, let us find out with an example. When you enter the domain name in the browser, it sends a request to the global networks that form the DNS (Domain Name System). Further, these servers find the name of that server that you entered.

The server names are easily managed by the web hosting company. Then the hosting company sends a request to the computers where the website is located.

The computer where the website is located called a web server. Now, this further procures the pages and other information related to the website. Finally, the website opens in the browser.

Types of Domain Names

The domain name is not available in the single name. You will find these in different names such as .net, .edu, .com, and more.

The popular extension is .com which is recognized as the best and easy extension for a user to find out. Now, we are going to go a little in detail about the domain names.

The top-level domain list is known as the highest-paid level domain name system that includes .com, .org, and .net which are highly recommended.

However, the domain extensions like .club, .info, .agency and more are unknown and not much recommended.

Country-code top-level domain is recognized as a country-specific extension such as .UK, .US, .de for Germany and more. These extensions are used when the website owner wants to target a specific audience within the country.

Sponsored Top-level domain represents the special category of TLD’s Domain or a precise community.

For example, the .edu domain represents the education that mainly targets the students, teachers, and related community only. Another one, .mil (military) which target the military man.

It is always advised to every beginner, choose the domain name wisely. If you want to reach globally, then .com domain extension is the best.

Who brings about the registered domain name system?

ICANN, Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers bring out the domain name system. If you need to register your website domain you need to take permission from ICANN. These will do the required changes in the domain on behalf of yours.

ICANN is a no-profit organization that implements policies related to the domain name system. The domain registrar assigns the domain registration details and sells the domain to the website owner.

You need to make sure one thing, send all the correct details to the domain registrar. Also, you will need to renew the registration of Domain.

You know that there are thousands of domains are already registered and still more to come. Therefore, a new user may face difficulty to register the best domain for his website.

This thing may put stress on your mind, but here Guide to Domain Names for Beginners, we have shared some valuable tips that may help to find out the best domain for your next launch.

• Choose the website extension .com or other which is easy to search and remember.
• Make sure the website addresses are short and simple.
• Avoid the use of numbers and Hyphens.
• Do deep research and come up with a smart domain name idea

What is the difference between the domain name and website hosting?

As you know now, the domain is the address of your website. The website hosting is the home, from which your website live on the internet and reach your audience. The website is the computer where all files and data is located that often known as a server.

Website hosting offered by website hosting companies. It is crucial to understand both these terms are different and work separately. For instance, there are several different types of hosting such as WordPress web hosting, VPS, reseller, and so on. Make sure you are taking the domain name and website hosting service form the same company.

How to buy domain names?

If you are ready to buy a domain name then use GoDaddy or Domain.com website. Well, the numbers of website hosting companies offer domain name registration services too. But if you need to buy own, you can. a buy a free domain you can choose Blueshot.

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