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The Ultimate Collection of Free WordPress eCommerce and Shop Themes 2023

The Ultimate Collection of Free WordPress eCommerce and Shop Themes 2023
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There are best bundle of Free eCcommerce WordPress Themes available online for any business websites. Premium features and functionalities, no coding needed, multipurpose, responsive, WordPress latest version, free installation, and a lot more.

Here is unique and ultimate collection comes with plenty of advanced features.

Let us have a view on some of the best Free E-commerce WordPress Themes

1. Leto


Leto is good for websites like shops, online business, e-commerce, fashion shop, online retail stores, etc., comes with lots of features incarnation and with latest functions Leto works well for any site development. Free E-commerce WordPress Themes are good for website creations such as shops, stores, online shopping, etc.,

Leto is one among them. With various plugins included with Leto, it gives you immense creativity and functionalities.

Social media sharing such as Facebook, Twitter, was also included with this theme. It is one of the optimum themes to design websites for fashion stores.

2. Shopper


This Free WordPress theme is one of the multipurpose and responsive best suited for online fashion store, sports store, handbags store, digital shop, men, kids or women store, cosmetics shop, accessories store, luxury jewelry and multipurpose online stores.

Shopper is flexible, simple, easy to use the theme. One can design their site with this theme for higher growth in the business market.

Beautiful Homepage designs are catchy, with header and footer layout designs make the theme super astonishing that one cannot get his/her eyes off.

Shopper is one the amaze e-commerce theme. SEO friendly this theme helps in making traffic and rankings to your site. Coded with HTML and CSS with latest versions gives you an attractive layout design.

3. TheShop


One can design their online store, e-commerce, shops, business websites with this free TheShop. A multipurpose and a fully responsive theme provides you with WordPress latest version hence you get advanced features, functions, and frameworks to work with.

TheShop is best for natural ingredient products and services for selling and shopping online. You can have your very own store and shop business site online with this TheShop.

The free herbal theme is being designed mobile-friendly, user-friendly as well as developer-friendly. TheShop is one of the best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes for designing websites like e-commerce, shop, shopping.

4. Shop Isle


Shop Isle is free WordPress theme work perfectly for a clothing, electronics and almost any kind of store. The multipurpose and responsive Shop Isle is one of the best for Shopping E-commerce WordPress Theme Free download.

You can simply design your site with this theme as this template includes lots of free features and multi-functionalities for your free online websites.

Shop Isle is a perfect theme for your shop, company website or all your client's website for online business. Unlimited options with responsive layouts, flexibility, user-friendly this theme help you to create any site without any coding.

5. eCommerce Market

eCommerce Market

eCommerce Market is a simple, finely coded, well designed, responsive, and a multipurpose free WordPress theme.

You can set up your e-commerce shop and online stores for sites like mobile & tablet market, laptop market, online book market, fashion market, sports market, digital market, cosmetics market, jewelry market and for multipurpose online markets.

With this eCommerce Market. Flat and material design approach has been opted for while designing of interior and furniture e-commerce sites. Hence, your website will be compatible with old and new browsers.

Runs on various handy devices such as laptops, mobile phones, Android, iOS, etc., eCommerce Market helps in increasing your sales to a great extent by designing your website with this free eCommerce WordPress themes.

6. Zigcy Lite

Zigcy Lite

Zigcy Lite a Free eCcommerce website templates are good for one who wants to have a shop based website. With WooCommerce compatible and Gutenberg ready, Zigcy Lite provides you with an e-commerce platform for your online sale.

This theme is perfect for flower shops, e-commerce store, decorations, designs, shopping, etc., Zigcy Lite is a very simple, clean, clear WordPress theme with beautiful landing pages and designs layouts.

The theme is as beautiful as like a flower and you can simply design your site with this theme in a simple and few steps.

7. eCommerce Gem

eCommerce Gem

eCommerce Gem is a free food WordPress theme and one can design a site like eCommerce Gem is perfect for stores such as book, mobile, bags, medical, jewelry, construction materials, cosmetics, clothing and all type of online shops.

It has multipurpose layouts so can be used for business, corporate, portfolio, digital agency, blog, and all creative website development.

eCommerce Gem is a multilingual translation ready theme provides you with language options, hence one can choose a language according to their choice.

Retina ready eCommerce Gem is one of the top Free eCommerce WordPress Themes helps to have a clear resolution and a pixel perfect graphic designs.

WooCommerce plugins are also compatible with the free eCommerce WordPress theme which means one can easily add products themselves and set them up.

8. eStore


eStore is a customized, flexible, responsive, multipurpose is one of the best Shopping E-commerce WordPress Theme Free download.

With a minimal and optimized code makes the eStore one of the best free WordPress theme for e-commerce shops, stores, shopping, fashion blogs, bloggers, fashion and trends, girlie websites.

Attractive homepages show various things about feminism, beauty blogs, fashion trends, styles, online shopping, e-commerce, etc.,

eStore can be used to design websites whether it is about cooking, online shopping, parenting, blogging, art related talking, weddings, recipes sharing, etc., simply an amazing theme for feminism websites.

9. Tyche


One can design a site with Tyche for corporate, online business, e-commerce websites, stores, shops, and so forth. Tyche is a responsive free eCommerce WordPress themes for business and corporate sites.

Fully customizable this theme provides you with editing options and one can customize it at any aspects. Customize in terms of language options, fonts, color, etc., this theme is user-friendly hence a beginner or a new user can also operate this theme.
Tyche is a WooCommerce compatible theme hence with e-commerce platform you can have online selling of products and services with Tyche.

10. EightStore Lite

EightStore Lite

EightStore Lite is a Free E-commerce website templates from where one can create an amazing website for their beauty and spa shops, e-commerce, salon, massage centers, health clinic, beauty, etc.,
This free theme is designed with beautiful designs thus provides you an attractive look. The theme is highly responsive which means that they work best on all browsers and devices.

EightStore Lite is one of the stunning and simple to analyze, utilize, usability, and easy to use WordPress theme. This theme is incarnation with beautiful features and WordPress templates.

Latest versions to updates, this theme offers you with fantastic key characteristics.

11. Alpha Store

Alpha Store

Alpha Store is one of the free eCommerce WordPress themes, you can design your website for an e-commerce and shops, online business, products and services, online marketing, infrastructure, business, interior designing, etc.,

Alpha Store is one such for that online business and websites where one can enlarge the business and its growth with easy customization process and with various editing options.

Alpha Store comes with security plugins and great team support with experts group and friendly help. With 100+ shortcodes included, this theme provides easy usability.

12. MaxStore


If you want to open an online store or run a business for wedding designers, dresses, jewelry, e-commerce store, wedding events then you can opt for MaxStore.

MaxStore is the WordPress E-commerce Theme Free Download provides you with free plugins and shortcodes options which helps you to design a good website.

MaxStore is a theme, where professionalism and simplicity meet and interact. MaxStore is a simple and lightweight with unique designs and sophisticated applicable features and options is an eye-pleasing for any user.

Integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc., gives you a complete package of responsiveness and multi-functionality usage.

13. Clean Commerce

Clean Commerce

Clean Commerce can be used to design a site for bakery and shops, cakes, cafe, restaurants, pastries, etc., this WordPress WooCommerce Theme Free Download provides an e-commerce platform for your store and shop to make online payments and selling of products and services.

Clean Commerce is fully responsive and a feature-full comes to free eCommerce WordPress themes. User-friendly this theme is simply outstanding for any business growth.

Clean Commerce is a staggering, clean, clear, well crafted, full documentation, simple and an amazing free WordPress theme.

14. FreeStore


Zackaira best one of the best WordPress free themes is FreeStore. FreeStore is a free WordPress Theme simply designed, flexible, pixel perfect, graphics designed, is well suited for online business, e-commerce stores, shops, online shopping, etc., you can create your website with this FreeStore.

This theme has been designed and coded to cater to anyone who needs a nice landing page website. Build with drag and drop Page Builder Plugins, this theme offers some of the fantastic features and functions.

FreeStore is one of the best Free WordPress E-commerce Themes with Slider. Free WordPress slider plugin has given as well thus giving you full benefits of utilizing them.

15. StoreOne


StoreOne is highly recommended for business, informative, agencies, travel, design, art, personal, restaurant, construction, health, digital agency, bloggers, corporate business, freelancers, portfolio, product showcase, and any other creative e-commerce websites.

This theme is perfect for online shopping of seeds and grains. StoreOne is a WordPress WooCommerce Theme Free Downloadwith free features as well as one can have free installations.

Beautifully crafted landing pages styles with no coding effort provide you with faster loading speed. StoreOne is also compatible with several gallery plugins.

This theme can be best suited for farming websites but can be suitable for all types of nature, eco-friendly, eco-green and other kinds of websites as well.

16. Best Commerce

Best Commerce

Best Commerce is a clean, crystal clear, transparent, multipurpose theme best to design websites like e-commerce and shops.

Every single aspect and part of the Best Commerce has been minutely discussed and planned to be easy to follow and understand.

Best Commerce is one of the top Free eCommerce WordPress Themes comes with powerful sharing buttons, trending listings, and multiple ad locations.

One can add video related features with the Best Commerce for online shopping and an e-commerce store and other amazing demos.

17. Kakina


This theme is perfect for online shops, stores, retail store, online business, e-commerce websites. You can design a website for any kind of e-commerce and shops with Kakina.

Kakina is a minimal, clean, well structured, crafted WordPress theme. Kakina comes with flexible features and well content management,well coded with high immense features and multi-functionality.

Kakina is a simple, easy to use free WordPress theme where one can have a salon, beauty, hairstyle shops, personal, creative, websites.

18. TopShop


TopShop is a Free WooCommerce Themes which provides all the requirements which one wants to have in their restaurants, e-commerce stores, shops, hotels, cafes, bakery, etc.,

A new user or a beginner can also handle this theme as the theme comes with a user-friendly platform. No coding is required to handle the theme.

TopShop is unique and more in demand due to its minimalistic and simple look and feel. Eye-catching designs layouts of header and footer, custom logo is simply perfect.

The graphic designs of the theme is a pixel perfect and come with a variety of image options.

19. E-Shop


E-Shop is a simple theme so you can make your websites design with this theme. This is a free theme with free features and functions listed.

E-Shop is good for designing a website for your fashion, fitness, accessories, sport, technology, furniture, digitals etc. E-Shop is a nice and well-coded theme so while designing your site if you come up with any sort of issues that the expert group ready to provide you help.

E-Shop coded and stylized with HTML5 and CSS3, this theme is chock-full of all the prerequisite features and functionality required by any modern website.

20. AccessPress Store

AccessPress Store

One can have their own wine and bar shop and online selling and purchasing through AccessPress Store and you can design your website with this theme.

AccessPress Store is a Free WooCommerce Themes which provides your online retail store and shops an e-commerce platform for selling and buying of your products and online payment with various payment gateways.

With unique designs, stunning layouts, great features, innovative functionalities, this theme is just perfect for online business.

SEO and SMO friendly this theme gives you a chance to make more traffic which leads to having more viewers and customers ultimately leads to the growth of the company.

21. Virtue


You can design your website with Virtue as it is a multipurpose and a responsive theme best suited for online business, photo studios, photography, photoshops, camera stores, gadgets shops, etc.,

A Free WordPress E-commerce Themes with Slider options such as Nivo slider which makes the theme easy to use.

Elegant features, stunning designs, pixel perfect images, Envira gallery, security plugins, and a lot more free features make simply an outstanding theme which no doubt help to design a website which provides a good growth.

22. WP Store

WP Store

A mobile-friendly WP Store is perfect for online stores, hairstyle shops, beauty parlor, salon, massage centers, health, and beauty, etc., this theme helps you to make your website in a way you want.

Fully customizable this theme comes with Google Fonts in-built hence you can edit this theme from any aspects as per your business needs.

Multilingual translation ready offers you to have your site for your customers in any of the required languages. 100+ shortcodes and plugins incarnation this theme is astonishing and feature-full.

23. Nozama Lite

Nozama Lite

Nozama Lite is an efficient and high-quality free eCommerce WordPress themes, which is used to develop any websites for mobile shops, grocery shops, electronics, bakery, restaurants, food counter, etc., this theme has more than 100 shortcodes with the usage instruction to guide you in every step.

Nozama Lite is one of the best Free Grocery Store WordPress Theme where you can buy grocery products for your kitchen and pizza stores.

Pizza maker, doe, utensils, oven, banners, pizza sauce, etc., which is a need for any store and kitchen websites, one can have all such materials online with Nozama Lite.

WooCommerce ready this theme provides an e-commerce platform. The free download comes with lots of features that soothes your eyesight.

24. Multishop


Multishop is the best WordPress E-commerce Theme Free Download with multipurpose and responsive feature helps to develop your very own websites for photography shops, digital camera stores, photo studios, etc.,

This can be used for designing websites like online business, cinematographer, shops, retail stores, and so forth. By building your online presence you can reach to a bigger number of clients and individuals and accordingly can adapt your business.

The overall professional and attractive look of this well-designed WordPress theme will end up being important in the upcoming prospects.

25. Shop Elite

Shop Elite

Shop Elite is an efficient and high-quality free WordPress theme, used to develop any kind of a company or business websites like simple stores, online shops, online selling of products, etc., this theme is simple and provides you with minimal features that will help you to design your site.

Online stores, shops, and shopping also provide a feedback form, and Shop Elite comes with contact forms which help to design feedback forms and contact forms within a few minutes.

This Free Simple WordPress theme gives you the default portfolio and the included gallery sections where you can add pictures to showcase the details of your visitors.

26. Easy Store

Easy Store

You can develop and design a site for your online business with Easy Store. Easy Store is a Free Grocery Store WordPress Theme which provides you to shop online grocery for your gardening and kitchen garden.

This is a free WordPress theme where you can design websites like eco-friendly, gardening grocery shops, retail stores, online business, etc., It is widget friendly with sidebar, footer, as well as the header, is also widgetized.

This free Easy Store WordPress theme is a template created for the companies and for the individuals focusing on gardening.

27. Store Villa


This is an amazing and elegant template for designing ecommerce WordPress sites. You can also use this theme for making a website for your online stores, fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets stores, mobile shops, etc., this is a free eCommerce WordPress themes which is good for any fashion stores.

There were lots of fashion shop centers made available in the market. You can make it an online business by having your own site for online shop and this Store Villa is the best choice.

This theme incarnation with plenty of free features which helps you to design a beautiful website.

28. ShoppingCart


ShoppingCart is a WordPress E-commerce Theme Free Download help you to develop a website for eCommerce store and massage clinics, online product shops, e-commerce stores, beauty stores, etc., keeping mind and soul in peace is what one needs from a busy schedule.

And, you can find lots of spa centers made available in every corner of the locality. You can make your business website on top with this free WordPress theme.

ShoppingCart with free features and functions provide you ample of choices to design your site as per your requirements.

29. Hypermarket


Hypermarket is a free WordPress theme which is good for designing websites like marble shops, electrician stores, painting shops, home decor shops, bathroom and marble material, etc.,

Hypermarket is a simple, flexible, finely designed with stone structures and a beautiful theme. The templates of the Hypermarket is outstanding and eye-catchy.

Colors and background options are simply amazing. With various plugins and shortcodes compatibility, this theme provides amazing concepts and ideas while developing a website.

30. Trusted


This theme can be used to define any type of health care website as it has the possibility to well portray any health and meditation site.

Trusted is a free WordPress theme with simple usability, elegant features, stunning homepages, various design layouts, graphic designs, different color options, multilingual translation ready, and a lot more.

Yogi Lite can be used to design a website like shopping centers, healthcare product shops, retail stores, fitness clubs, meditation centers, etc.,


The above listed are the best free ultimate collection for WordPress e-commerce and shops themes 2019. You can select the theme which suits best for your business and goal. I hope this blog will help you.