Envato Elements Review 2023 | Is It Worth it?

Envato Elements Review 2023 | Is It Worth it?
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Envato Elements is a subscription service for web designers that offers a wide range of design elements. A monthly subscription gives you high-quality elements like graphics, fonts, stock photos, videos, product mock-ups, and more.

You also get educational resources with the subscription. When starting a website from scratch it is difficult to have high-quality images, videos, or graphics but also essential to have a good website. That is why Envato Elements come in and you can also access educational resources.

Most of the design assets are provided to you as a part of a paid service. You have to pay $16.50 per month and the service is billed annually.

However, you can still use some free assets by creating an account. You can download around 12 free assets per month without paying anything at all.

Consider this as a test of their service and if the paid service will be worth it. Of course, the level of design is highly different from the paid service.

How do Envato Elements work?

Envato Elements provides its users with access to millions of design elements. These designs are published by individual designers and they get a commission whenever you download their designs. This means that as long as your site exists all your design needs will be met with Envato Elements.

If you are looking for a particular design element, you can make a quick search on their search bar and related elements will load in the results.

If you are curious about a design asset, click on it, view the images, and read the description. Click on the download button to start using it for your website.

You will need to add the downloads to a specific project. This keeps the downloaded elements organized and gives the user more context about the use of the elements.

You can also view the download license of the assets in that area.

How can Envato Elements be used?

Envato Elements can be used for any creative project. Do you need to design a logo? A digital ad? Business presentation? Product mockup?

Envato Elements can help you with all this and more with its amazing design assets. If you want to fully understand how subscribing to Envato Elements can be helpful, you need to know the types of assets they have.


Fonts come in handy when you are designing a logo or ad for your business. Thankfully Envato Elements has a huge library filled with all the fonts that you can ever need.

You can experiment with these fonts till you find a font that speaks to you. There are multiple styles like Sans-Serif, Handwritten & Script, and decorative. Most of the fonts can also be downloaded as OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 files.

Royalty-free stock photos

Not every business has the budget to capture high-quality images. However, these images are required for their website, social media channels, or advertising campaigns. Now the playing field has been leveled by Envato elements as they provide a massive pile of royalty-free stock photos.

Stock videos

Content in the video format has become increasingly popular and demand for the same has increased. Businesses that are providing such content to their followers are succeeding. Everyone knows about the success of Instagram reels, TikTok, and Youtube.

However, not everyone can shoot long-format videos to provide meaningful content. Now with the help of stock videos, you can communicate a message while keeping things classic.

All of these stock clips come in 1080p and 4K resolution. Along with stock videos, you also have motion graphics available.

Music and sound effects

You need royalty-free music or sound effects to create presentations, youtube videos, ads, and other videos. You can experiment by adding music to the video and see if it suits the video or not.

Envato Elements has thousands of pieces of music that can be used for your next project. Along with music, you can also access sound effects which go well with visual effects.

Graphic Templates

You may need templates for web design that have amazing graphics. These templates can help you design your website.

Presentation Templates

Giving a strong presentation involves having templates that are pleasing to the eyes. Sadly the templates provided by PowerPoint have no place in the modern world.

If you want to make a strong impression, you should invest in the presentation templates provided by Envato.

WordPress themes and plugins

WordPress is one of the best CMS in the world. However, you can make a website your own by choosing a theme and plugins that are suited for the theme.

Envato provides thousands of WordPress themes that are suitable for your business and plugins that can improve the user experience.

What’s Included in the Envato Elements Subscription?

  • With this subscription, you can download over 53 million digital assets with licensing.
  • It also comes with premium tutorials which can help you improve your skills.
  • They do not have different pricing plans for you but one price unlocks everything.
  • That is why this subscription should be your priority if you are looking for digital assets that make design easy.

Most of the other online subscriptions start to cost more and more if you want other premium features. This one price unlocks all features is a nice perk and gets them many new customers.

Are the elements royalty-free?

All the digital elements available on the website are royalty-free. All item licenses you download are on a non-exclusive, commercial, worldwide, and recoverable basis, for a single use per registration. You can use the design assets for any personal or commercial use without worrying about copyright claims.

You can even make changes to the digital asset and sell it on your website. However, this can only be done if you have made significant changes to the original element and have added value. You cannot download an element and resell it exactly as it is.

Each element you download comes with a license. Here are the following things that can be done with the license:

  • Use the asset for personal or commercial use
  • Have the same license as long as you have the asset.
  • Keep the licenses for the assets even after you cancel your subscription.

Now let’s talk about the limits of the license that comes with the digital elements. Here are some things that cannot be done with the license:

  • Use existing assets for new projects that they are not registered for. This becomes applicable after your subscription ends.
  • You cannot redistribute the original file as an asset that you created.
  • You cannot merchandise the asset if no significant value is being added to it.
  • You cannot claim a trademark over any of the digital assets provided by Envato Elements.

The licensing agreement is not complicated and it is pretty easy to understand.

If you are planning to merchandise an asset that is provided by Envato Elements, then you must give it a thorough read. So that there are no hassles later on in the process.

Price of the Envato Elements subscription

If you are planning to pay monthly, then the subscription cost is $33 per month. However, you can save around 50% by purchasing the annual plan which is $198 per year.

This makes the monthly cost to be around $16.5 per month. The plan will be billed annually but you will be spending less money. All the plans are in USD which you should note if you are from another country. You should convert USD to your currency to see how much it will cost you.

Then you should decide which plan you want. The monthly one or the annual plan. If you want Envato Elements for the long haul then the annual plan is the best option.

Students can get up to 30% off on the annual subscription which makes the plan to be $11.50 per month. For students to be eligible for the discount they need to be enrolled in an accredited institution with a student email.

There is another way to save money on your subscription. You can get the team's subscription and save up to 35% off the annual subscription for two or more members. With a team subscription, you have to pay $10.75/m per member.

All the downloaded elements will be in one place and you can collaborate on a project with your team.

If you are trying to figure out if paying for the subscription is worth it or not. You can create an account and download up to 12 free assets per month. This should give you an idea of the potential of the subscription.

What happens if you cancel the subscription?

After canceling your Envato Elements subscription you can still use the licensed elements. However, they can only be used for a specific project. If you create another project and want to use the elements, then that cannot be done. For that, you need to renew the subscription.

If you have used a bunch of assets in different projects, you don’t have to worry about them. They can be used as you created the project when you had an active subscription. The licenses can be found under your Envato profile.

However, you cannot use old assets for future projects anymore. If you had downloaded a stock video and have used it on multiple projects in the past but now you have canceled your subscription, you should delete that video. Because using that stock video is no longer allowed and is considered an unlicensed use.

Pros and cons of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is not without its flaws. You need to understand the bright side and the flaws of the service and then decide if it is for you or not.


  • A huge library filled with every type of digital asset imaginable.
  • Comes with licensing for all downloads made with an active subscription.
  • Reasonable pricing model compared to the service that they are providing.
  • Unlimited downloads for each digital asset.


  • Every time you download a digital asset it needs to be licensed. Even if you have already used an asset before, you will need to relicense it if you are using it for another project.
  • Every subscriber has access to the same assets which makes the existence of similar projects possible. If you want to make a mark, you may have to edit the assets a little.

Is Envato Elements worth it?

Envato Elements is a great service that can provide great value to web designers, digital artists, entrepreneurs, and videographers.

You don’t have to struggle to create something from scratch but you have all these amazing digital assets that can be mixed to create something truly wonderful.

The best thing about this service is that everything can be found on one platform. You no longer have to search the internet for different digital assets.

There is always a chance that other people will be using those assets too. However, there are more than a million photos available and around 800,000 videos.

So, the chances are pretty slim. However, if you want to make your own identity it is always recommended to add something to the photos or videos. Along with that you also have access to millions of other assets.

If you are running a business or you are a digital creator, you need a library of endless digital assets that can be used for your next project. That is why Envato Elements is worth it.

You get to create endless content with high quality if you subscribe to Envato Elements. The return you get on your investment is also high as you can use the creative content to get new customers.

While Envato Elements is certainly a great platform it also has a few problems. Not every creator or entrepreneur will want to invest in a monthly or annual subscription.

If someone doesn’t have the use of digital assets that much, then the subscription can be considered as a high recurring expense. There are other online services that can be more pocket friendly than Envato Elements.

If you are using Envato Elements, you may face complications because you have to relicense a digital asset every time you create a new project. Most of the other platforms make their digital assets easier to use and less complicated.

In short, Envato Elements is a good option but it is not the best.