Tips to Keep in Mind to Build an Audience for Your Blog

Tips to Keep in Mind to Build an Audience for Your Blog
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Blogging or blogs are things that have turned up much larger than anyone could have expected. If you also feel that you intend to create one then you are not alone. There are almost two million blogs live as you read this and many more are going live every minute.

The major problem that owners face is with the readers. Some of the sites have a million readers while others do not even make it to even hundreds.

Why is it so and what can be done? Writing extraordinary content material is regularly given as the answer. By itself, however, writing first-rate content on a normal basis isn’t enough to build a target audience. You want to take a marketer’s approach.

Your blog should be considered as a media entity that you need to sell to create a vibrant community. To this end, you must recognize what you need your blog to reap and who your prospective target market is.

We know you are looking forward to an answer to effectively build an audience for your blog. Start making a note of the facts, because you will have a lot of information to take away.

Identify your Passion

Writing on a regular foundation is tough work. It’s essential that you’re captivated by your web blog’s subject. First, pick out your competencies and ardor. A desirable web blog lies at the intersection of your ardor and natural skills and abilities. Do what you adore and make work sense like play!

You can do all the research within the comfort zone and locate the most popular subjects. But if you hate writing about it or on them, it’ll show.

Write about things that keep you awake until late at night. Write things that you love doing. Work and include the talents that your well-wishers say you have. Things that energize you and the ones that are simple make the best read. Your passion and talents give shape to your blogs.

Focus on the Domain

Deciding your niche is important but buying a domain name is equally important. Getting a domain is not a big thing. But you must take care that you do not opt for a name that is tough to remember. The simple the domain the easier it will be for the audience to remember it. This will help you to build an audience for your blog.

You can use domains from free blogging sites but if you have a long term goal get your own domain. This will give you future flexibility for your work.

Business Planning & Strategy

An idiot without a plan also succeeds and as a passionate blogger, you must mandatorily have a plan. Plans and strategies will help you tackle the odds in advance so that you can build an audience for your blog. It will enable you to choose a specific path and give a direction to your work. Hence, emphasize a strategy and a written plan to succeed.

When you have a plan, you have well-defined your target audience. You also set goals and methods to measure the results. You experiment and learn about various strategies and select the one that can work for you. Let’s understand this in detail.

Target Audience

You do not need to write for each and everyone on the internet space. When you decide what you write you also know who will be the right audience for it. This gives you the answers to who is your real potential target audience. Once you get it you are addressing all those persons at a personal level. Your writings should keep this fact in mind.


Set goals that are achievable. Goals should be limited by time and realistic. Decide on the number of subscribers you intend to have in a year. Then break it down into weekly, monthly, and daily goals and start working on it. It is also necessary to decide the number of articles that you will publish on your site. It must have a routine and you should also aim for it.

When you make achievable goals you can work for it and get results. If you set goals too high you will be de-motivated when you can’t live up to them.

Measuring Results

Depending upon the marketing strategy that you have adopted, analyze the results. When you have a plan you also have an approximation about the potential output. Compare the actual results with it. Check if it is working or not because that helps you in improvisation and also to build an audience for your blog.

An improvisation in the approach is recommended if the strategy is working. If it is not, change it as fast as you can.


Every good sales pitch or business needs networking and blogging is no different. It is necessary to engage with other bloggers of the same or different niche. Visit other blogs and interact with them through comments.

If possible schedule a meet with people in person. Attend conferences that ensure growth in your platform. This helps you in spreading a word about your blog and engaging with the readers.


When starting from zero, you will have to work with effective marketing mediums to connect with the readers. The first thing to do here is to get in touch with your social circle. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to visit the blog and comment on it. Request them to spread it to their circles if they like it. This will help your blog to expand the circle which is much required.

To build an audience for your blog, connect it with social media handles. Social media can give a significant boost to your platform with just a single post. Everyone is on social media so it is essential to spread the word there. When you integrate your personal profile with the blog it can be a communication medium for readers to reach you.

Reach out to people in every possible manner. It can include writing and welcoming guest posts, giving presentations at conferences & at work, and even including the press. The major thing is to engage in multiple methods and not rely on one. Work on the content that you are offering to your readers because if they don’t like it, all your efforts are of no use.