10 Best Webinar Platforms in 2023 for Startups, Enterprises, and Freelancers

10 Best Webinar Platforms in 2023 for Startups, Enterprises, and Freelancers
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If you want an efficient method for converting leads into paying customers, you need to look at webinars. But you need to do things right. It does not make sense to live stream a low-quality, non-interactive, and choppy video. It is frustrating to attend such webinars because of failure to inspire conversions.

So, it is essential to choose the best webinar platforms for startups, freelancers, and enterprises to establish a better relationship with customers.

How to select the correct webinar platform for your purpose?

A lot of webinar platforms are there. But there is no need to hurry and end up choosing the worst platform just because you find it easy. You need to invest time in figuring out the platform that aligns with the unique requirements of your company.

You need to determine the goals of your webinars. See if you want to make use of them for lead nurturing or lead generation. Or if you are going to demonstrate products or opt for leadership.

Think of how many attendees you expect for every webinar. Several webinar platforms are there that limit the number of webinar attendees. Go for the most cost-effective platform.

See if you need to just talk with your customer or need to engage with them. If you need audience interaction, choose a platform that comes with tons of engagement features. Also, think about what you are going to do with all the videos after the webinar.

Several webinar platforms are there to choose from. But you need to pick up the best. So, we have prepared a list of the 10 best webinar platforms that suit your needs. They are as follows:


If you are looking for the best webinar platforms, Livestorm tops the list. It performs exceptionally well when it comes to training sessions and product demonstrations. You can run on-demand, live, or completely automated webinars.

Features such as upvoting, Q&A sessions, and polling are some features that can engage attendees. As it is browser-based, it means it is available on every device, and you do not need to set up or download it.

For every webinar, you can generate branded registration pages. Besides, automatic email reminders can be sent to the registered people. Also, it integrates seamlessly with multiple common tools.


EverWebinar is considered to be one of the best webinar platforms that allow you to make promotions of the webinar videos. WebinarJam videos can be converted automatically into recurring events. It gives you a feel and look of live webinars.

As the video does not need to be downloaded or set up additionally, it can be watched in the browser of a user. All the unavailable dates can be blocked out with the advanced scheduling system.


WebinarJam is one of the best webinar platforms that are easy-to-use and effective at products selling. WebinarJam's pop-up CTAs make things easier for an individual to purchase a product. The "Replica Replays" feature allows you to replay the webinar. Besides, it is user-friendly and is easy to set up.


If you are looking for an allrounder platform that offers both on-demand and live webinars, go for Demio. It is one of the best webinar platforms that is created for marketers and comes with a powerful suite consisting of in-built promotion tools.

The webinar pages can be customized. It comes with engagement features such as CTA pop-ups, document handouts, and live chat. Besides, it smoothly integrated with several common tools of marketing.


One of the best webinar platforms that offer allrounder solutions is WebinarNinja. Four kinds of webinars are offered by this platform: series, hybrid, automated, and live webinars.

Engagement features such as downloadable handouts, polling, and live chat are there with this platform. Besides, it offers amazing landing page templates. Also, sales offers can be embedded in the presentations.


BlueJeans is one of those best webinar platforms that can be used for hosting virtual events having a maximum of 150 presenters and 50,000 attendees. So, when you are hosting a massive virtual event, it is probably the best choice.

Compared to other webinar platforms, it can host bigger events. The event’s cloud recording is made. Besides, a webinar can be streamed to YouTube Live or Facebook Live.


EasyWebinar is one of the best webinar platforms for automated evergreen and live webinars and claims to be an easy-to-use platform. Whatever plan you use, it comes with both automated and live webinars.

With EasyWebinar, you can share your screen with several presenters. It offers a WordPress plugin and offers features of audience engagement such as Q&A and live chat.


The list of best webinar platforms is incomplete without WebinarGeek. It is a simple to use webinar platform that offers evergreen, hybrid, on-demand, and live webinar options. At a reasonable price, it allows you to create top-quality webinars and offer the webinar custom branding.


Being one of the best webinar platforms, LiveWebinar is a live and cloud-based webinar tool that allows you to stream video, share your screen, and broadcast social media. Its unique whiteboard feature allows the host of the webinar to draw on videos and documents at ease and can invite the attendees to draw if needed.

For boosting audience engagement, it provides live chat, polls, and surveys. To the social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, you can broadcast your webinars.


GoToWebinars is one of the best webinar platforms that offered the first webinar tools. It is a great option for large businesses. With the surveys and polls, audience engagement can be leveraged.

It offers top-notch audio and video. Besides, it comes with reporting and leads management tools and breakout rooms as well for dividing your audience.

So, if you want to choose the perfect webinar platform, it depends on your budget, audience size, goals, and other important factors.

If you have fewer attendees, go for conferencing solutions, but if you expect plenty of attendees, you need to go for robust solutions. In case you cannot figure out how to choose the best webinar platforms, seek professional help.

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