WordPress CDN – Why You Should Be Using One in 2023

WordPress CDN – Why You Should Be Using One in 2023
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Have you ever thought about why CDN is an important factor the content creators? Do you want to know whether using CDN gives you a push in WordPress or not? If you are a freelance content creator and looking forward to boosting up your WordPress, then WordPress CDN is the best thing for you.

We will cover all the necessary details regarding the need for CDN in WordPress and tell you how you can use them easily. Also, we will discuss the impact of CDN on WordPress and its benefits.

What is CDN?

CDN is short for Content Delivery Network is a network that is distributed geographically that has a dispersed server that catches the cached content from the websites to the end-users.

It is based on the geographical location of the end-user, the origin of the static content, and the content delivery edge server.

That’s why WordPress CDN is needed by every content creator to raise their views and to get better limelight and content for their websites. How to let’s see how it works.

How do CDN works?

Before coming to the point, let’s discuss the working of the CDN in detail to know how does this thing work and get the work done.

1. When you set up the CDN, then it utilizes the technology standards that help in transmitting the static content files from the host’s web server. The static files are in the form of images, stylesheets (CSS), scripts (js), etc.
2. When the user’s browser requests a static file that is linked with the CDN, then the CDN redirects the request to the closest server available.
3. After that, it takes time to load the webserver. However, the CDN server is closer to the user’s server then the load time will be reduced.
4. Then you will get your website to open up in no time and viewers can see your page quickly.

What are the benefits of using WordPress CDN?

You will get many benefits for your website if you decide to use CDN for your website like:

  • It will improve the loading speed of the site as the site will load faster than the usual time.
  • It will distribute the load of the site to multiple servers instead of putting the entire load in one server.
  • WordPress CDN will prevent the website to crash and avoid necessary problems.
  • If your site’s load time is less, then the viewers will be more and there will be a decrease in the bounce rate and increase in the number of pages viewed in one day.
  • The rank of the site and the page will improve as Google stated that faster sites have higher chances to get better ranking.

Which is the best CDN for WordPress?

There are hundreds of WordPress CDN that are available on the internet and work perfectly but choosing the best is a difficult task as the requirement and need for the CDN varies from person to person.

Buddy.net is a recommended one as it provides better services and is spread across the world. Also, the price of this CDN is affordable and you can check out the pricing plans on their official website with different features.

However, there is one more CDN that offers services along with the security feature and i.e. Sucuri. It has a powerful firewall CDN that protects your website from different threats and malware.

With the above information on the WordPress CDN, we can conclude that for every content creator, CDN is needed to get more viewers and traffic on their website and to prevent problems like crashing down of website and getting infected with malware.