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Common Web Design Mistakes That Web Designers Need to Avoid

Common Web Design Mistakes That Web Designers Need to Avoid
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In today’s time, website marketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies that a business can solely thrive on. Having the advantage of wider access to a larger customer base, any new business or new pursuits in a business can expect attention.

Gauging the expanse and depth of this impact on a business, a website needs to be just perfect for all the promotional needs.

As per reports, any visitor to a certain website takes only 0.5 seconds to give a final verdict on its efficiency and user experience. This implies, avoiding web design mistakes is so crucial.

As a fact, it only underlines a fact that website designing is important and it needs to adhere to the aspects of user experience.

These mistakes are not ingrained technical faults but some things that hit the user's eye at first glance. So, here are a few web design mistakes that any web designer needs to avoid in all cases. Have a look:

Lacking call to action

For the clarity of information, an organization assigns a share of its overall budget on building a website only to converts it into sales leads.

There is nothing more than widening business opportunities that an organization looks for, through a website. Having said that, you need to realize Call to Action (CTA) is what a business needs.
call to action
A proper application of Call to action includes imperative use of words to enforce the users with the idea to call approach or send inquiries for business. Often the web design mistakes include the forceful language that is inappropriate.

You cannot achieve quality in content without the proper CTA. Placing the CTA in the right location is also important as it allows users to subscribe to newsletters or buy products and services.

Therefore, keeping the language to be lucid, crisp and concise will attract customers. Thus, the CTAs can be like 'Sign up Now', or 'Add to basket' which are simple yet very effective.

Inappropriate use of whitespaces

Many attractive designs that you put in the designing phase can be overlooked in the development phase. This may lead to the appearance of many white spaces which degrades the quality of the website.

Inappropriate use of whitespaces
The white spaces are of no use and so avoiding them can help to draw the attention of visitors. Users expect simple designs and reduced complexity of layouts. So, in any case, avoid web design mistakes like smaller or wider white spaces.

Moreover, designers should have a nose for details in the design, content management, styles, branding for effectively using whitespaces.

Not responsive to the mobile environment

As mobile use has increased, websites need to be mobile-friendly. With most of the search engines generating results for mobile usages, you cannot expect to increase the visibility of your website.

The website experience greatly affects the brand image. As a fact, a single bad experience with a website nonchalantly leads to passing judgments.

For a seamless experience, navigability, faster loading speed and lack of complex layouts are important. Also, most businesses that have websites without zoom-in and horizontal scrolling suffer from poor performance.

Poor choice of font’s style and size

With varying screen sizes of the devices through which people access a website, choice of font style, and size find relevance in attracting the audience.

Often this is a disadvantage for web designers as they have to bear the brunt of it but you can avoid these web design mistakes.
A font size of 14 is a normalized case that goes consistent with the font color and webpage. Thus, while choosing the style and size you need to consider the aspects of readability.

The style and font size needs to align with the type of content you display on the webpage and audience profile you need to attract.

Added to this, consider such font styles that are compatible with most of the devices. As a fact, choose from Times new Roman, Sans serif and Arial. These fonts are reader-friendly and compatible with most of the devices.

Slower page loading speed is a serious web design mistakes

Many aspects like a service provider, website designs greatly affect the speed of websites. On the other hand, reports suggest that pages that consume more than 2 seconds to load all of its contents suffer from 7% less of conversion rates.

In that case, keep your designs simple, less complicated and scaled-down images. Replace flash with HTML5 and welcome clean codes with caching techniques.

Disorienting and lack of analysis

The first experience and impression of a website on the user are vital. To fulfill the expectations of users and gain a chain of visitors to view your site, web designers need to avoid several mistakes.

Couple your digital campaigns with analytics to come up with fresh and interesting trends about users. So forth, your designs will be able to consider user behaviors.

Overload of ads

Overloads of pop-up ads are one of those web design mistakes that can affect the user experience. In most cases, it is detrimental to readability. So more than increasing revenues through ads you can only suffer bounce rates from visitors.

However, a plug-in for ad-blocking can save users from this issue. So, for new beginnings, keep reasonable ads as they ads overloads only work best for websites with high traffic.

Bottom line:

Thus, it proves that having a knack of detailing in designing the website and the underlying functionality is not enough.

For a user, the overall presentation of the website also matters. Added to this, the quality of content affects the viewer’s experience for which they need to avoid these web design mistakes.

With the ever-increasing number of poorly performing websites on the internet, a web designer needs to realize that users are well-informed. They know about a good website experience and instantly identify the difference.

In that case, assigning a comprehensive budget for web designing is important. This can incur a good team to research and analyze what users need and design keeping note of fine details in terms of navigability, font colors and popup ads.