Comprehensive Technical SEO Checklist for 2023

Comprehensive Technical SEO Checklist for 2023
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Technical SEO has become an indispensable part when it comes to a website's success. If you want your website's rank to soar high on the search engines then you must implement technical SEO for your website.

Technical SEO is just another form of an SEO to ensure that a website abides by the guidelines set out by the search engines.

There are myriads of technical SEO tools to choose from that you can implement in your module.

However, if they feel too much bogged down with technical jargons that are beyond your understanding, hiring a digital marketer can save you from these technical hoops. Here is a comprehensive list of technical SEO checklist 2021 that you should follow.

Website speed

Website speed

Website visitors do not bother to wait for the websites they are searching for to load. With so many options around they would rather skip and turn to other similar websites.

If this is the problem why you are getting such low ranks in the search engines then it is high time to take effective actions. Slow rated sites do not get the desired web traffic that they are looking for.

Tools like Webpage test and Google Pagespeed Insights can help in increasing the site speed.

Decompressing the website images, leveraging the browser caching and lowering the response time in the server are some of the effective ways that can help you in increasing the site speed.

Websites must be mobile-friendly

mobile-friendly website

With the advent of smartphones, the maximum hits that a website get are through phones. Nowadays mobile searches soar much higher than desktop searches.

So, if a particular website is not compatible with mobile then it cannot be indexed high on search engines. Therefore, it is an important SEO checklist 2021 that you should implement in your website.

If your website is not optimized for mobile phones then visitors will find it difficult to open your website on their phones. They will not be able to see half of the websites with important things not even appearing on their screens.

Therefore, to attract maximum web traffic you need mobile optimization for your websites. This can easily be done by decompressing the images on the website and focusing on long keywords so that in case of voice searches the website can load much faster.

Broken links

Broken links

Broken links are the most detrimental factors affecting a website's SEO rankings. A website with broken links also creates a negative impact on the minds of the visitors and all your endeavors to soar high on the search engines go waste.

Gather the list of broken links on your website and then fix them one by one. The first thing that you can do to fix broken links is to complete the URL in case it has some information missing so that the link works properly.

Another way to fix broken links is to redirect the broken links to the actual webpages. This will help the visitors to land on a fresh page instead of staring at error messages appearing on their screen.

URL optimization

URL optimization

This is yet another SEO checklist 2021 to look for getting maximum hits for your website. As per the guidelines set out by Google, the structure of the website's URL should be a simple one.

The complicated URL structure will not be indexed high on search engines. So, make sure that the URL structure is simple and free from any jargons.

Check each and every URL on your website to see they are simple and contains hyphen for each spacing. Simple URLs also help in easy navigation when visitors look for your website in the search engines.

Crawl errors

To find out if there are any crawl errors in your website, you need to crawl to your website and find them out yourself.

Google search consoles can help you in finding out crawl errors if any. Removing the crawl errors help in ensuring that there is proper implementation for all the redirects.

Robot.TXT files

Robot TXT files

These are mere instructions on how to crawl websites. Every website has a specific crawl budget that limits the number of pages that can be crawled in the website.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to ensure that only the important pages are indexed in the search engines.

Certain things like source files, temporary files, admin pages, search pages, cart /checkout pages and URLs with parameters should not appear in the search results. Robot.txt files make sure that such things do not appear in the search engines.

XML sitemap

XML sitemap

It is a tool that makes it easier for Google to crawl through a particular website. It gathers all the important landing pages that you want Google to crawl in your website.

With the help of this tool, you as a website owner can decide which pages you want Google to crawl through and which pages you want to exclude, it is entirely your discretion.

The pages that you don't want to show up to Google can be excluded from the XML sitemap. Pages containing duplicate contents or some error pages can be excluded from XML sitemap by using various online tools available.

Website stability

Last but definitely not the least this is yet another important aspect for the SEO checklist 2021. The stability of your website plays a very important role as far as the technical SEO rankings are concerned.

If for example, your website is down for most of the working hours then it fails to be properly indexed in the search engines which will eventually lead to a very low traffic to your website.

Nobody really bothers these days to refresh a single page multiple times to get it back online. So, it is very important to keep checking your website that it opens in just a few seconds time.

If you find your website facing some hosting or server issues, make sure you fix them as soon as possible so as not to ruin your SEO rankings.

Using this comprehensive SEO checklist 2021, you can improve your site ranking in 2021. How well you can optimize each of these aspects of the website for the SEO ranking purposes determine the success of your website.