18 Best Paid Advertising Platforms In 2024

18 Best Paid Advertising Platforms In 2024
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PPC ad networks have multiplied in recent years. Native advertising on various websites can be found everywhere, from conventional search engine results pages to social media.

It might be difficult for marketers to decide which PPC ad network is ideal for their marketing budget.

Do you invest your entire budget in Google Ads? Perhaps one of these new native advertising platforms will do the trick.

It's a good idea to test out a few different PPC ads networks to discover which one works best for your business. Every PPC ad network has its own set of advantages and disadvantages; therefore, there is no universal blueprint that can be applied to all businesses.

Here, we'll take a closer look at some of the finest PPC ad networks on the market, and surely these 18 of the best-paid advertising platforms will assist you in great fashion.

1. Google Ads

We just had to start with Google Ads because it's the undisputed king of paid advertising platforms.

With Google Advertising, you can showcase PPC ads at the top of Google search results, and as Google is the most popular search engine in the world, you can use its reach to your advantage.

Google Ads is an excellent platform for search and display ads because you can promote on prominent websites through the Google Display Network.

2. Bing Ads

Although Google is the most used search engine, it is not the only one out there. It's a smart idea to use Bing Ads, the PPC platform of Bing, to show up in search results as well, as Bing has a fair amount of online traffic.

Your ads will have a higher chance of standing out on the Bing Ad network if there is less competition.

As a result of the fewer competitors, your bids will be lower than they would be on Google Ads. There's even evidence that Bing has superior click-through rates!

With 1/3rd of the global search market, Microsoft Ads and Google AdWords can both help.

Furthermore, because of its purportedly higher-quality demographic, Microsoft Ads appears to be a real competitor for your advertising dollars.

3. Facebook Ads

The placement of PPC advertising isn't restricted to third-party sites and internet search engines like Google and Bing.

Because of the enormous amount of people that utilize the social media giant Facebook Ads, one of the finest ways to reach a broad online audience is through social media.
Advertisement forms on Facebook include banners and sponsored posts.

4. Instagram Ads

Instagram's ad platform functions similarly to Facebook because the same company controls the two. There is a multitude of ways to display advertisements. With Facebook and Instagram ads, you can target highly specific user demographics.

5. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a powerful advertising tool for B2B companies, despite its underutilization as a social networking site. You can use it to promote content that is relevant to your industry.

6. Pinterest Ads

As the final social media network to be added to our list of online paid advertising platforms, Pinterest is essential if you're targeting middle- to upper-income female consumers. You may spread the word about your products and services using promoted pins.

7. Twitter Ads

After Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is the third most popular social media platform. Promoted tweets, a type of Twitter ad that elevates your company's organic tweets to the top of users' feeds, is one of the finest ad types on the platform.

8. Amazon Ads

To round up our list, we've included Amazon Ads, a must-have if you want to publicize your Amazon business. Amazon advertisements can appear as sponsored search suggestions on the platform and display ads on other websites.

9. Bidvertiser

Creating banner advertising with Bidvertiser is a breeze. There's a middle ground between native ad networks and Google's Adsense, where Bidvertiser falls. 78,522 partner websites are included in this all-in-one platform, allowing advertisers to run campaigns on any of them.

So, what distinguishes Bidvertiser from its rivals? It's easy to see which sites your ad appears on, and they claim to have fraud detection built-in.

Bidvertiser is one of the most cost-effective PPC ad networks, enabling you to begin advertising for as little as $100 or $5 daily. That is most likely the reason why most companies make use of it.

10. AdRoll

1.2 billion international consumer profiles are available to AdRoll. It can run advertising on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Microsoft, which gives it access to almost 98% of the internet.

Its retargeting value makes AdRoll a top advertising network. To maintain track of practically anyone visiting your website, it uses Google and Facebook to track them and then retarget them with adverts encouraging them to return.

11. Yahoo Gemini

This is a cost-effective technique to reach a specific demographic, such as people who frequently visit Yahoo and Verizon websites.

Verizon Media may have the lowest CPC compared to other paid search ad sites while maintaining a decent CTR.

You may advertise on sites like HuffPost and Tumblr via Yahoo Gemini's online advertising network. It places advertising in the margins of relevant websites as well as in search results.

12. RevContent

RevContent does not particularly specialize in products. With banner adverts on external websites, it balances traditional PPC and SEO, attracting users searching for information.

13. BuySellAds

There are several native paid advertising platforms, but BuySellAds stands out among the rest. They provide further ad locations, starting with host-read announcements on podcasts and email newsletter placements.

In addition to buying up content-sharing sites like Digg, the parent company of BuySellAds has also been making acquisitions like these. They also have some interesting native ad placements, like on Firefox's new tab, Dribble, or CoinMarketCap.

14. AdColony

AdColony is a video-focused mobile advertising platform. Mobile games that show video commercials after a user completes a level typically employ it, but there are many more uses for it as well.

15. Airnow

Airnow is unique in that it focuses exclusively on mobile advertising, unlike the other companies on our list of internet advertising platforms. Ads can be displayed in many mobile applications on both Android and iOS via push notifications, overlays, and other formats.

16. AdMob

Any business with a mobile app will find AdMob an excellent resource. AdMob can display adverts within your app if you're one of these businesses. These advertisements can be displayed in various media, including banners, videos, and more.

17. AdBlade

AdBlade, like RevContent, focuses on attracting information-hungry users through content advertising. Over 300 million people use it every month, which means it has a low
cost-per-click and a vast audience.

18. AdRecover

The growing usage of adblockers, which effectively block traditional paid advertisements on numerous websites, is a possible threat to PPC advertising. AdRecover, on the other hand, displays advertising that adblockers won't recognize, making it a beneficial tool.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts!

Countless alternatives are available when finding the ideal PPC ad network for your business. This is just a small sample of the several paid advertising platforms available, and new ones are constantly being developed.

However, we believe that this shows that PPC ads are not limited to Google. And even though they're the largest and greatest, that doesn't necessarily imply they're the ideal option for your business.