7 Creative Ways to Make Unique Blog Post

7 Creative Ways to Make Unique Blog Post
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It is such a good feeling when we get so many views on our writeups. Whether it is uploaded on social media or a blog post, the feeling is truly amazing when the number of views increases rapidly. However, this is not the case with everyone.

Some people fail to create their blog post attractive and unique which leads to zero views on their website. Here we will discuss 7 creative ways that will help you to make a unique blog post

1. Give your blog a personal touch

While writing keeps one thing in your mind that you are talking to your readers. When we talk, we talk about our personal life, our experiences. This engages the readers and attracts them to finish reading till the end.

Adding a personal touch to your write-up will allow readers to know you more perfect and they will learn about the experiences that you have gone through. 

blogging is fun

Sometimes readers get excited when they read about something that relates to their life. They get more interested in the article and your experience will be unique which will not be copied from any other page. This gains the attention of the readers.

2. Brainstorm your ideas

Often while writing we get confused about what to write next that is fresh and that consumes a lot of time. To overcome this, you need to brainstorm before you pen down your thoughts.

Write the topic in between and pen down whatever comes to your mind related to the topic on your paper. Take out 10-15 minutes before writing your essay.


This activity helps a lot in producing unique and fresh content. by brainstorming you will get various types of ideas that will make your blog post interesting to read. 

3. Use a Paraphrasing tool

If you are a blogger or a freelancer then writing on the same topics daily can be a hassle for you. Producing fresh content daily on the same topic is not easy and freelancers have to go through this situation often.

To make your life easier, you can use a paraphrasing tool that will modify your article with new and unique content. 

Writing an article on the same topic on which you’ve written before can require a lot of time and sometimes words are not even assisting so that you are ready with your article.

Therefore, in such situations, paraphraser helps you to do your work in minutes.

Paraphrasing tool

There are many websites available online that can help you with paraphrasing your article.

4. Check Plagiarism Before Submission

If you are a writer then this word is not new for you. While writing we are often browsing on the internet for some ideas and tips, meanwhile, we never realize the words which we have read online are stuck in our mind and that is used in our write up automatically.

To avoid this, we should always check plagiarism before it is published or submitted anywhere. 

Plagiarized content is not at all entertained by any firm, website, or institute. Either you are a school kid submitting a document to your teacher, you need to check your content for is it plagiarized or not before you hand it over to your teacher.

There are several websites available on the internet where you can check plagiarism online and many websites check grammatical errors as well it which is a plus point for your write-up. 


Plagiarism is one of the important steps that should be taken if you want your blog post to be unique. Either it is your website’s content or any blog post you need to be sure that it is original and not copied to avoid further problems.

5. Solve Problems of Your Readers

Some bloggers choose topics that explain and solve the problem of the readers. For example, you can be one of them who would be writing about the upcoming fashion trends of clothing.

If you are writing about tips and tricks of a particular thing then try to solve the problems of your readers in your essay. Sometimes readers are finding the solution to their problems and that’s why they search and read.

Either you are writing about how to clean your storeroom or how to fix an air conditioner, focus on the reader’s mind and think from the reader’s perspective. Once you start solving problems in your write up your content will gain attention. 

6. Know Your Audience

Knowing what type of audience we are referring to is very important. Your audience will let your content flourish in the online market therefore keep your target audience in your mind and focus on them while writing.

You are not always writing for all types of people. Sometimes you may write about women’s footwear and sometimes you may talk about career counseling. In both situations, your target audience will be completely different and of the opposite gender. 

Know Your Audience

Also, look for where your article will be published. Sometimes the articles are published on tech-savvy websites where people familiar with technology are only found landing on the page.

Therefore, write with your target audience in your mind so that you get most of the views on your blog post. 

7. Have Freedom to Write

If you are a blogger and own your blog page then pause for a while. Don’t just write and post daily on stuff that is not even important.

osting daily can affect your style of writing and can bore your readers for a while. Take some time to relax and search for new ideas new trends that help to attract your readers. 

Some of you might not agree with me but posting content regularly can be a burden on you as well. Think for an attractive topic first that you think will engage readers and then start writing.

Writing just for gaining views on your blog post is not just the thing that you want but your goal should be gaining the trust of your readers.

Once your readers will trust you, they will rely on you and will visit each and everything that you will post online. First think about something that will attract them and something that anyone else is not doing.

If your readers will find uniqueness in your essays then there are higher chances of them landing on your page more often. Write with a motto to educate the masses.


Writing can be a hassle for some freelancers and bloggers, and producing a unique piece of content can be a tiring job. But these 7 tips explained above can help you in producing unique and fresh content.

When you plan to write on a topic don’t rush out with words that come into your mind. Plan before you write. Jot down the things that are related to the topic and then start your essay. 

You will find several blog posts on the internet written on different topics but not all of them are read by a larger audience. People read content that interests them and is catchy with a touch of humor.

Sometimes writing long paragraphs and lengthy articles is also not encouraged by the readers. If you are talking about something basic then write to the point.

Don’t allow your readers to get bored, add a touch of humor and add some of your life experiences that engage your readers in your blog post. 

If you are new to this writing world then these points will be a big help for you. Follow them and start your journey of writing with these useful steps and spread your ideas and thoughts to the masses.