What Are Good Usernames? What makes a Cool username?

What Are Good Usernames? What makes a Cool username?
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The first impression matters everywhere and social media accounts are no exception to it. Having an impactful and good username can strengthen your branding and attract new visitors to your account.

But while doing so adequate care should be taken to ensure that the credentials are secure and the risk of hacking is minimum. But this task becomes challenging today as most of the user-ids are already taken.

In this read, we have compiled some successful tips for generating impactful credentials on various social medial handles.

The importance of a secure Username in the online space

Usernames are widely known for influencing perceptions and also for jeopardizing security. For example, you will be using your nickname for your Instagram account, online banking, and everything else.

Now, with a little research, this makes it extremely convenient for hackers to track and misuse your information.

One of the most common mistakes that are made by users worldwide is pairing the real name with personal details. For e.g. ‘JatinDave1993’.

In such cases, it becomes an easy guess for potential hackers which can be a smooth entry to your bank accounts.

Creating usernames that are identical or exactly similar to your email address is another practice that you should avoid. Directly using words that can enable hackers, to guess the password should also be avoided.

Irrespective of anything that is published, it is evident today that a good username can act as an additional layer of safety.

Hence, you should take it seriously and ensure that you smartly select one. For critical accounts like online banking and others consider the following tips.

    • Never reuse usernames multiple times
    • Never use words that are in any connection to your hometown or hobbies. Based on your information in the public domain it becomes easy guesswork for cybercriminals.
    • Do not include your phone or other numbers that are in the public domain
    • Never keep it as same as the email address or even use part of your email.

This can expose your online accounts and the hackers can even break into your email id.

  • When indulging in the operations of WordPress avoid using the word ‘admin’. Ensure that you change it to something else.


In case you have already selected it then it can be easily rectified manually from the search and replace function in your database.

Effectively selecting a Strong Password

strong password
There are moments where a good username that is concealed in all manners can be figured out by hackers. Hence, to ensure safety and for preventing the hijacking of your account a strong password is required.

Being secure in every aspect is the key here which demands concealed usernames that are combined with unpredictable passwords. Consider the following points before creating your security key.

  • Using personal details like last name, middle name, etc. is always easy to predict and must be avoided.
  • Always avoid using personal connections like child name, spouse name, etc.
  • Using your favorite sports, artist name, movies, etc. should also be avoided.
  • Using phrases like Test54321 or qwerty will be a direct invitation to hackers.

The good and ideal practice is to use passphrases that include special characters, spaces, numbers, whole words, etc.

Using additional tools for generating a strong password is an ideal resort whenever you feel stuck.

If the generated password becomes difficult to mesmerize then there are various applications that can store them with full security.

Remember, it is not necessary to include characters in a strong password that is impossible for a human to remember. Regardless of the entire structure, the pure length is noted for only making the entire password tough.

One side of the coin is to be completely accountable for the cyber-security of your handles and account.

But the other side is that, if you are handling a site with multiple teams, or customers then you have a different responsibility.

In such cases, introducing two-factor authentication or relying on plugins can be considered a smart move.

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Discovering a Good Username for public networks

It might not be ideal for your online security or brand identity to pick a highly obscure username for social media accounts. Easy to read and quickly memorable usernames are the demand of the time.

The most unfortunate thing today is that most of the catchy names have already been taken. Celebrities who have just managed to go live on social handles are subtly looking for alternatives.

For some good news, you can reclaim the desired choice if an account is inactive for a prolonged period. In cases of copyright infringement also you can claim the user-id.

But the policies for the same differ from one network to another with zero assurance of affirmative results.

The first step in creating a catchy and memorable username is to identify the purpose of your social handle.

If you intend to establish a personal profile then full names can be a great choice. You can tweak with words like official, real, and adding an extra initial.

When it comes to business accounts, the aim should to be remain as close as possible to the brand. In addition to that, it is also essential to have a uniform username across all channels and accounts.

Using keywords that apply to your business or location is a smarter way to differentiate from others.

This technique also helps you in maximizing the reach and remaining unique. For curated content the same concept is applicable.

The last trick is to think of words that are easy to remember and at the same time relatable to your target audience. It should be unique in itself, as short as possible, and easy to read.

For instance, you can use ‘marketing’ as a prefix or suffix if the account is related to marketing tips and facts.

Funny adjectives or rhymes will also pay off if you don’t have anything in mind that is fascinating for a good username.

Software to end your quest of an ideal name for your handle

When you are stuck and confused then there are high chances that you may find value in randomly generated usernames. The options available for the same are almost infinite.

Therefore, to make your task simpler we have compiled some of the most advanced and suitable tools. Following is a list of tools along with their best use.

    • NordPass This program will help you in finding the most suitable profile name for your social media accounts. It also enables you to instantly check its availability which is extremely handy.
    • LastPass If you are looking for a good username for your sensitive, non-public, or private account then this is the tool.

It also includes a password generator that has the potential to generate results that are less readable by humans.

  • Business Name Generator Try this tool if you are stuck finding the right business name for your brand.
    It comes with a guide to choosing great names and is one of the slickest tools available. It can be a great kick start and inspiration with pre-decided names.
  • Name Generator This is a simple tool that can help you with memorable and amusing usernames. All you have to do for generating the results is to add the information. In case if you find the shared information revealing then feel free to random data.
  • SpinXO This program comes up with possible options based on the criteria that you set. Just like the Name Generator program here also take utmost care about what information you are feeding to the tool.

Lastly, do not forget the core thing which is the password. Irrespective of the kind of name that you choose, the password should be special and strong.

With millions of users online from across the globe today, it becomes tough to find a relevant and yet memorable username.

But the best part is that with a little hard work you can come up with names that can meet your requirements. In case you are totally stuck rely on the programs listed above and you will end up with nothing but the best.