How to Create a Custom Error 404 WordPress Page (3 Methods)

How to Create a Custom Error 404 WordPress Page (3 Methods)
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Error pages are like “The Cursed Ones” in the internet ecosystem; generally, it's the most unexpected place a user experiences. But, to maintain the authenticity of your website, you can create Error 404 pages.

Error 404-page occurrence still isn't a good thing, but at least a custom Error 404 WordPress page can get user’s attention, so they don't leave the website.

In this article, we'll learn how to create custom Error 404 WordPress pages without any need to learn programming languages, still provoking an engaging and user-friendly experience in the user's mind. We’ll learn the best three ways to create those custom Error 404 WordPress pages. So let's start our journey!

The Benefits of Creating Custom Error 404 Pages

Error 404 pages let users know that something's problematic with the search request. Whether there's something wrong with the user added URL, or the website has removed that website page.

Generally, Error 404 pages frustrate users and reduce website usability and trustworthiness, leaving users at a dead end, and the maximum number of users end their search journey by closing the search tab.

Moreover, creating a custom-designed page adds value, removes customer frustration, and makes your website's UI/UX more effective. A customized Error 404 page can redirect website viewers to other pages, compensating for website viewers' frustration.

As a generic Error 404 doesn't contain very much information or content, UX/UI shouldn't embrace that lack of content. Whether you add internal links, or search bars, or a navigation menu, everything should encourage the reader not to leave your website.

Adding internal links to your Error 404 page eases navigation, so website viewers can well navigate your site. A good Internal link structure with proper copywriting and UX/UI also helps search engines grasp your content, supporting the domain authority of your site.

The overall benefits of creating a custom Error 404 page are reducing the website's bounce rate, increasing trustworthiness and readability, enhancing domain authority, and increasing the long-term acceptability of a website. It replicates a brand's personality, values, and core working principles.

So, let's learn about the three easy ways to create a custom Error 404 WordPress page.

How To Make a Custom Error 404 WordPress Page

As you've understood the benefits of creating a customized clever Error 404 page, these are the three easy ways to make them.

The Beaver Page Builder

There's a way to create automation and easiness regarding WordPress-related tasks, which is using WordPress Plugins. So, the first and easiest technique to create a custom Error 404 page is option built-in enabled page builder plugins.

Beaver Builder Page Builder is among the best and most popular page builder options available for WordPress. With a premium plan, this Plugin allows users to access the Beaver Themer add-on, which allows seamless editing options on your website theme.

After purchasing the Beaver premium plugin from The Beaver's website, you have to upload all your zip files to WordPress. As your plugins get activated, you can navigate to Beaver Builder > Themer Layouts.

Then, click Add New option. A new screen will appear, where you can name your new layout. Similarly, there's a drop-down menu available; click on that, select Themer Layout and choose 404. Next, click Themer Layout.

Themer will redirect you to a new page, where you can see a default Error 404 page. Then, use the customization options to customize your custom Error 404 WordPress page. Create something synonymous with your brand, which should be unique yet familiar to your branding efforts.

The HubSpot Starter CRM Suite

When no plugin works perfectly, then you must lean on Hubspot. HubSpot clearly provides the best services related to digital marketing and website viewer management.

HubSpot is way more effective than any other plugin available in the market. Although HubSpot offers a variety of services without charging money, the Starter CRM Suite plan enables users to do advanced and easy customization over their Error page 404 pages.

To use this technique, log into your HubSpot account. Choose the Marketing option, next click on Design Tools:

Click on File and choose New File; you'll get this option from the left side of the screen. Then, you'll find a popup and select a template for your page. As an example, you can create your page with HTML or a drag-and-drop visual builder, that’s up to you.

Then, after clicking next, look at the template box. Finally, make your page. Once you're ready with your chosen Error 404 page, you can customize it with the available customization options. In this way, you can create your customer Error 404 WordPress page with HubSpot.

The 404page Plugin

This particular page helps create a neat custom Error 404 WordPress page. This Plugin is famous among users, as this is very helpful to keep your website visitors on the website. As it's very popular and free, this Plugin has crossed 100,000 active installations.

Easily design your pages with necessary elements like images, headlines, and buttons. Then, go to Appearance > 404 Error Page. This Plugin will show your custom Error 404 WordPress page.

After creating that page, you can test your Error 404 page to preview your custom page; also, edit options are available just click on “Edit Page” to access to your pre-made page. With “Advanced settings”, which allows things like sending 410 Errors for pages no longer available on a website.

As a recap, there are so many benefits of adding a custom Error 404 page, like less bounce rate, more customer trustworthiness, etc.

There's so much more benefits are associated with custom Error 404 pages, we’ve just named a few. Similarly, creating a custom Error 404 WordPress page isn't tough; there are three ways that provide easy navigation and settings to edit your Error 404 page.

However, Error 404 pages aren't ideal for viewers to encounter; it's best to stay prepared for the consequences. That's it, you're ready to create your own custom Error 404 WordPress pages; make sure you use these tools greatly to bring back a positive impact on your website users.