35+ Best Payment Processing Companies in The World for 2023

35+ Best Payment Processing Companies in The World for 2023
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Are you looking for the best payment processing companies that give best customer’s experience? If yes, so you have landed on the right webpage.

This post shares the best payment processing companies that would not only help your business growth but also increase your customer experience.

Nowadays, payment processing companies are everywhere and if you run an online store you know how much it is important for you to get fully-functional money-making machine.

With the huge numbers of services online, you have to choose the best that performs preeminent and reliable for your business.

So, to decide which one is best application, we have listed top 27 payments processing apps that have distinguish features and benefits for your e-commerce store. Let’s get started!

1. PayPal 


PayPal was founded in 2008 by Elon Musk and his team. This is a globally recognized payment processing company situated in California, United States.

It is one of the best payment processing platforms used for online business once you integrate PayPal to your eCommerce business or any other business.  It will benefit your customers a lot.

The seller will receive the payment immediately by just entering the credit and debit card details in the application. The customers are happy with this because it gives an easy payment process and gives a chance of getting more customers in the long run.

PayPal is a very convenient digital wallet for all the business owners. It has been used by 305 million users across the globe.

Moreover, the customer support is also available for the customers, so they can get in touch with millions of active Shoppers that are finding issues while using their application. Right now, the PayPal account can be used in the following manners.

  • PayPal payment standard
  • PayPal payments advanced
  • PayPal PayFlow link
  • PayPal Express checkout
  • PayPal credit
  • PayPal partner-hosted with PCI compliance
  • Payflow Gateway
  • PayPal for Marketplaces

Do not stress about anything. The account creation is free and many people are familiar with how PayPal works, the other option how to withdraw the money, how the PayPal works, and other things you can easily find out on its official website.

2. Google Pay 

Google Pay

If you want to make easy payments in just seconds over your Android phone then Google pay will provide you with great coverage.

Whether you are selling things in your physical location or doing online business, Google pay is the best application you can choose for secure payment transactions anywhere like other payment processing companies.

Google pay also allows the user to deliver any kind of payment through credit card or debit card by using other account details from the mobile device. You are also able to track your payment history that keeps your payment information completely secure and convenient.

It was founded in 2015 by Google. Right now it has 55 million monthly active users.  Google pay has a huge number of traffic and regular customers complete the secure payment transaction every day.

The online merchants come as regular vendors and another type of customer can receive their payment from the clients with their registered phone number on Google pay.

If you want to get register on Google Pay you have to download this application first and then connect your number with your registered bank account.

3. Amazon Pay

amazon pay

Nowadays, Amazon pay is trending on the marketplace for its easy money transaction and secure payment features. It was founded in 2007 by the Amazon team and it’s headquarter is situated in Washington, United States.

Amazon is the new payment processing company that launched its Amazon pay for the secure online payment transaction. This application is not only used for online payment but also works for the mobile charges, bill payment, electricity bills and other payment processing systems. You can use this application for easy and secure payment options.

If you want to get started with this application, then it takes only a couple of minutes to install and activate.

You need to download this application from the Google Play Store on your desktop; tablet or mobile then you have to enter your registered phone number. For more information, you can easily reach out to its official website.

4. Apple Pay

apple pay

Apple Pay was founded in 2014 by an Apple company that launched successfully in the United States. This is also running worldwide with its excellent payment processing features.

Like Google pay and Amazon pay, Apple pay has also started a trusted community across the world and developed a brand worldwide. Due to its safe transaction features, Apple pay has also gained huge traffic and gives advanced comfort in the payment processing system.

For the Apple users, Apple pay is a delight payment processing system that gives complete transaction. It simply takes minutes to make the transaction safely to another person. The number of businesses is using this as a safe and secure payment method for the businesses.

The other best feature of this is you can make payments through your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac in a very secure manner.

If you have iPhone then download this application and register your number with that. It takes only few minutes to create your account and you will receive and do easy payments from through your bank.

5. Checkout


The check-out application was founded in 2012 by Guillaume Pousaz. This was successfully launched in the London with its 10 branches worldwide. Thus, it has currently 500 + employees across 10 countries.

This was established as a great payment processing company in different regions. It is integrated with a hundred plus shopping carts and pre-integrated merchant accounts.

Checkout is an easy payment method that also provides an easy integration methodology for accepting multiple payment channels from the customers. This also supports 150 currencies.

If you would like to create your account, then it is free to create and start making easy payments with security.

6. Braintree


Braintree is one of the best payment process companies that has launched Global commerce tools for any type of businesses. Many customers are accepting payments online application because it accommodates 130 currencies and utilized in almost 40 countries worldwide.

Braintree have huge cooperation and give easy payment gateways as well as best checkout Experience, so everyone can enjoy the standard checkout flow.

Hence, you can simply make your only transactions. Once, you start using this platform you will enjoy the great support of Technology and the Braintree customer services give you security just like PayPal.

This is integrated with X-cart stores that give easy and online payment solutions. If you want to know more how it works, and how to create your account on Braintree you can reach its official website.

7. Stripe 


Stripe is also a popular payment process company that accepts major credit and debit cards on both mobile and desktop platforms.  This gives the freedom to any customer to accept and make the payments to their clients.

Stripe enables your website to save credit card details, so the returning customer can easily clear your payment with just one click.

The stripe payment module is also based on X cart that won't get any extra fees. But yes it will charge when you receive money from the international clients.  This app is good for both startups and companies.  For the years, Stripe has been used widely across the globe for accepting international payments.

8. Square 


Square is founded by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey in the United States. This has been established for the different countries for receiving payments online such as London, Canada, Japan, and many more.

The square payment processing company is spreading worldwide and has reached 2 million businesses with it's a premium feature from payment to the payroll process.

Every industry and businesses use Square just because it gives a perfect solution and customer-friendly approach to every. This makes the payment process very easy and comfortable.

Its features are very intelligent and give you impressive support. It includes time cards, smart scheduling, and customizable employee permissions.

9. BitPay


BitPay was founded in 2011 by Tony Gallippi and Stephen pair. This is a popular online transaction tool used for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and other digital assets that transform into the Bitcoin network.

If you are running a Bitcoin application and your users are investing in your application then turn their regular income into Bitcoin, BitPay is the safest and easy payment processing system for your customers.

BitPay will provide highest security on the Bitcoin wallet. Also, it will keep your Bitcoin completely secure, so you can use it for any purpose whenever you need. All you have to swipe up the debit and credit card details over your phone.

10. GoCardless 


GoCardless was founded in 2011 and its headquarters is in the United Kingdom. This is a unique platform for all the client's that can run the online payment processing system without the use of cards.

If you are thinking credit and debit cards are essential for making online transactions then you will be glad to know that GoCardless is an easy setup or an application for the people who have no cards.

GoCardless is also the best payment process companies will not only allow you to make an easy payment, but also it keeps tracking on your all payment transaction process.

If you have a merchant account then you will find this application cheaper than PayPal because in PayPal you have to pay for what you are receiving. But GoCardless is very integrated with every kind of business.

11. Flagship Merchant Services

flagship merchant services

Flagship Merchant Services is a special payment process company that launched its services for the merchant. It was founded in 2011 with a private based company with 11 to 50 employees. The headquarters of Flagship merchant services is in San Francisco, the United States.

The flagship is well known for attaining the record of advanced product and services to all the Merchants. This application is designed for both small and medium-sized businesses. It maintains the promises and delivers quality payment transaction services.

The merchant's flagship services are one of the good choices for all those who are looking for payment process integration. This company allows the safer and encrypted transaction from customer to client.

12. FastCharge


FastCharge is an ideal online transaction method design for the persons who have to follow a strict financial plan. The reason to choose this plan is you will get free set-up and also you would only have to pay a $10 monthly fee.

Another bonus you will receive that it requires only less time to set up.  All you need to give small information for your account as to where you have to receive the payment, etc. After that, you will ready with your account and enjoy the easy transactions.

13. Paynova 


Paynova is the new payment process Swedish company that offers easy 21 payment options to the retailers. Once you sign up on this account, you will get an easy startup video application and you will enjoy the best app for your small E-Commerce businesses.

14. Circle


The circle App was founded in 2013, which is similar to a square.  It is one easy payment processing company that allows the client to send the minimum amount via mail or the text to the particular bank account.

This is the best fit for both Android and IOS devices. It will also provide you with a better option to use this as the best payment process.

15.  Clover


Clover is yet another best payment process companies which are founded in 2012 by Leonard Spenser and John Beatty.  Its headquarters situated in Sunnyvale California.

This is customized payment transaction platform that offers various services like payment processing, marketing, POS solutions for online stores. This also helps the clients to give the best customer support, so they can enjoy the application working.

16. Chase Paymentech


Chase Paymentech is founded in 2005 by Jamie Dimon. Its headquarter is situated in New York. Chase Paymentech was introduced as a popular and multinational financial as well as Investment Company.

This chase Paymentech payment processing company you will get a quality payment processing system as it is one of the biggest brands in the online Industry that offer International secure payment processing services as well as point of sale solutions to the customers.

17. Alipay


Alipay is founded in 2004 by Alibaba team and jack Ma. The headquarter of this application is in China. If you are just starting up with your entrepreneurship program or an online shopper, then this application you might be interested in.

You know that Alibaba is the popular multinational Technology Company in eCommerce and retail sectors.

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba, who introduces the easy payment processing company for a safer transaction for their clients. Just like Amazon pay, Google pay and other digitized wallet. This also includes various payment processing features.

18. Razor Pay


Razor Pay was founded in 2014 by Harshil Mathur and Shashank Kumar. Its headquarter is situated in Bangalore. This is a privately owned company with 51-200 employees. This is the first payment processing company in India that is well organized with the customer community.

Razor Pay accepts all payment channels like a credit card debit card, E-wallet and also allows the businesses to accept payment through the products outline.

There is no doubt to say that if you are running a business in India then Razor pay will be the best to get started with. It resolves all your payment gateways and gives you a secure transaction with encrypted data.

You do not need to access your account in different payment channels.  Razor has different functionalities that provide an easy payment process for your business.

If you are running your business successfully in India and looking for an integrated payments section, then razor pay is the best for Indian businesses.

19. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is also Best Payment Process Company introduced by Samsung Electronics in South Korea by 2015. Currently, it has 10 million active users because Samsung is the electronic multinational company. It is highly popular in India and also has headquarters at Haryana.

Samsung has already created millions of Electronics and Home appliances for Indian homes. However, in the year 2015, it launched its Samsung pay for making the transaction easy for Samsung users.

Samsung pay is a completely mobile-friendly application that accepts both credit and debit card payments from the customers.

20. Card Connect 


Card connect was founded in 2006 by Brian Shanahan. This is the first data company that helps businesses to process easy payment methods through multiple bank accounts into a single platform.

Card Connect is very helpful for Credit Card processing, easy payment integration and payment gateways. Another important aspect of card connect is Fiserv, which is a global financial technology introduced for both cards connect and Blue pay.

21. Tsys


Tsys was founded in 1967. This is a very old and trusted payment processing company serving globally with innovative software services. Around 80 countries in the world are using it for businesses.

Tsys  is using Special tagline i.e. people-centered team. This means they offer innovative tools and solutions to the clients, so they get easy payment and encrypted data along with best customer support at the time of any issue.

22. Payline Data


Payline Data was founded in 2011 and launched successfully in Chicago. It is well known for offering the services to the merchants over credit and debit card.

The drawback of the system is it is providing the services only within the USA. If you are an outsider to the US, then you will not be able to try this application. Also, it is less popular worldwide.

23. Beacon Payments


Beacon payments are providing you with various merchant Solutions like a credit card, debit card, point of sale and various mobile payments. It is also helpful for both medium-sized and small size businesses that give user- friendly and mobile wallet platforms.

24. Dwolla


Dwolla was founded in 2008 with the simple theme of an easy payment method. This is developed the payment processing platform that allows the clients to transfer the money safely.

This is a user-friendly platform integrated with a merchant bank account easily for the easy payment process. It's headquarter is situated in Des Moines, Iowa.

25. Adyen


Adyen was launched in 2006 by Pieter van der Does and Arnout Schuijff. It is a global payment processing system suitable for online businesses that are running across the world.

This has achieved great success by step by step process and provides the user-friendly payment platform for every business. Adyen also helps people to transfer and receive the amount with ease.

26. Blue Pay


Blue Pay is yet another best payment processing company introduced by John Rante in 2003. This is also the best payment services company for business to business and business to consumer. It is another payment processing service that provides you with a good return.

27. ChronoPay


ChronoPay is the yet the best payment process company that accepts transactions through Bank cards as a Visa form of JCB and American Express. With this, you would have to pay a Commission basis on a monthly turn over.

This is also an add-on as an x card that makes it easy for you to accept payments from any goods and services through MasterCard and other debit or credit cards all over the globe.

28.  First Data Corporation

First Data Corporation

First Data Corporation is yet another best payment process companies which was founded 30 years ago. It is best to provide simple and versatile ecommerce solutions, retail business solutions, and many more.

Through this, the payment can be done via credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid offerings. First data is user-friendly approach that can be easily styled to give fantastic look of your application, as it supports two languages English and Spanish.

29. PaySimple

PaySimple is the new modern and advanced payment processing solution that claim to give best results. This application accepts debit, credit, and e-check payments made via iphone and iPad.

It offers a unique way to make payments, stream billing, and manage global transactions. Currently, it has more than 17,000 active businesses across the globe of all sizes.

30. Merchant Accounts.ca

merchant accounts ca
Merchant Accounts.ca is well-know merchant service and payment process companies in Canada. It was launched in 2001 with an aim to focus on processing money such as European, U.S, and Canadian based merchants.

This company is a mixture of e-commerce consulting company and ISO traditional company. To get started with this application, you have to fill all the formalities. This would help businesses to buy and sell internationally without payment issues.

31. Boku

If you want to go cardless then Boku is the best payment process company you can choose. With this application, you do not need American express card, Visa Card, and more. If you want to make transactions you can go through that easily.

Because anything you’ll purchase charge to your mobile operator bill. Currently, Boku is one of the trusted company in the world that allow the user to make payments secure without cards. Boku processes more than 4 billion mobile phones in 60 countries across the globe.

32. National Merchants

national merchants
It doesn’t matter you are looking for secure online payment method for your eCommerce store, charge back control, easy integration, or recurring bills, national Merchants is the best payment processing system you can choose.

If you want to connect with easy payment options then it is the only solution that processes your payments securely. You should lean about the company on Google and also its terms and conditions.

From more than 15 years, national Merchants are the powerhouse of transferring funds fast and on time. They have also revolutionized the payment process to make their user experience much better than before.

33. X-Payments

X-Payments is a secure payment processing and all in one credit card processing system for online marketers. With this company, you will get help on merchant account, storing credit, and processing payments from your ecommerce store.

Also it works best in reorders and refunding payments. X-payments is PCI level 1 certified, which means it allows and give full online payment security on your store.

With this, you will also receive full control over the checkout, order, pre-order and more processes. This will also allows your customer to have easy checkout and payment process that enhances customer experience.

To get started with X-payments you have to add-on and connect PCI 1 with your cart. It is integrated with major payments options like BluePay, Braintree and more.

34. Secure Trading

If you want flexible and unique personal touch payment processing application, SecureTrading is one which help in accomplish your goals. Merchants can customize the online shopping experience for the customers that would be clear and easy.

The ultimate goal of SecureTrading is allowing their customer to build their own shopping platform as per their convenience. This application allows the merchants to navigate and locate the payment gateways.

Moreover, it allows 24/7 customer support, multilingual payments pages, easy set-up, and transaction fees.

35. Due

If you are looking for the payment process company that allow low processing fees then Due is the best. Currently, it is actively used by Freelancers, small business owners, and large enterprises to accept the foreign payments.

Due is much more than payment processing application. This also allows many services such as payment management, tax systems, invoicing options, etc. The best about due it works in 100 languages, so merchants get an easy option to process payments without language barrier.

36. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is yet another best payment processing company introduced to make payments secure online. If you want to get started with Bitcoin then you will need to download this application on your phone and fill all the formalities.

With this platform, your payments will be stored successfully. Ensure you have linked your card to accept payments across the globe. Here, you do not need to stress about receiving payments and leaking out your personal information.

Currently, it has millions of active users that mean it is highly trusted and secure and you should also trust on Bitcoin.

The Bottom Line

These are 36 payment process companies in the world for 2021 will help you to keep your money transactions from B2B and B2C safe and fast. The top use applications in the time are Google Pay, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon pay, etc.

All applications have different features and ways of accepting payments.  You have to choose that best fit with your company requirements.

Choose the safe and secure payment method for keeping your business growth higher via delivering best customer services and secure payment transfer. Good Luck!