7 Best Free CDN for WordPress 2023

7 Best Free CDN for WordPress 2023
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Are you looking for the Best Free CDN for WordPress? If yes, so this post will assist you in choosing the best CDN for your site. 

Nowadays, using CDN has become necessary, as it boosts the loading time of the website and keeps your users engaging. In this article, you will know about free CDN services that provide you exactly what you and your customers want. 

It is completely repulsive when a site takes a long time to respond. You wait for minutes, but still, it shows an error. If this happens, again and again, you will lose a large audience as they drop your site and pick another one. 

The reason for the drop in your traffic is that website's owner didn't optimize the site, including images, videos, HTML, JS, etc. That's an easy way to allow your users to bounce off, which negatively impacts your website's traffic. 

To overcome these issues, CDN is just the perfect medium to optimize your site in every way. Luckily, with CDN, you do not need to optimize and play with coding and media asset.

All you need to use is a Content delivery network that can dramatically reduce the load on your WordPress site.  

So, what do you think? Is CDN support your site? Let us find it in this post!

What is a Content Delivery Network?

CDN is often known as the translucent backbone of the internet in charge of content delivery. Probably you know this or not, but while using the internet every one meets with CDN whether reading an article, blog, watching the video, online shopping, and more. 

You will find CDN behind every character or content you are using. Even a single frame or image pixel and every movie delivered to your PC or mobile use CDN. The purpose of introducing a content delivery network is only to remove delays in the loading site.

In technical language, to reduce the distance between the visitors and the website server, CDN works to load the site or content within a short time. 

In a nutshell, Best Free CDN for WordPress reduces the load on servers and load the website faster on any browser and device.

Features of Content Delivery Network

The Free CDN services offer essential functionalities that speed up your website and reduce loading time on each browser and device. So, here are the following features:

  • It saves your website performance and boosts the traffic to your website. The more your website loads faster, the more you have chances to generate traffic and leads.
  • CDN offers an automatic boost to the site, as it doesn't include the stress of working with codes and Javascript. It is a dedicated platform that helps your site to load quickly.
  • Further, it optimizes your image and video on the web that naturally decreases the load of your website's performance on the browsers.
  • The CDN also minimizes the stress of code that is not actively being used for the site.

While on the PAID CDN services provide you more features and benefits that not just accelerate the website but also advanced analytics. If you are a new blogger, then it will benefit you in numerous ways. However, paid services might costs you much. 

Fortunately, there are the Best Free CDN for WordPress services that help you speed up the website and boost your performance on the web. 

Best Free CDN for WordPress services 2021

1. Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN is one of the Best Free CDN for WordPress that helps you easily to work on your WordPress site. With the use of APO (automatic platform optimization), your website will load quickly on servers and provide your readers the best user experience.

This CDN service automatically clears the caches of your website, then delivers the cache version once you update your site, including images, content, and text. 

Cloudflare CDN is an easy-to-use service that can easily manage directly through your WordPress dashboard. If you would like to make the default settings or customize it, then go to settings and make the changes. 

Moreover, this Plugin allows you to keep an eye on your regular visitors and how much bandwidth you have saved, and how many threats you need to overcome. Despite this, this CDN provides a good fit for long-term support that could benefit from the Cloudflare paid plan. 

2. SmartVideo

SmartVideo is yet another Best Free CDN for WordPress that allows you to easily embed the videos on your website that allows you to make the user experience the best.

The best of this Plugin is you do not need to rely on YouTube's embed code, as it will do straight with SmartVideo. It mainly focuses on video, so if you are a YouTuber, content curator, and Vlogger, you will put this CDN in your WordPress site to claim the benefits. 

With this Plugin, you can easily allow your users to watch exclusive playlists from your site. Moreover, it converts your YouTube and Vimeo Video into codes and adds them to your video player.

The best of this, the SmartVideo is compatible with lots of plugins such as Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver, etc. 

This Best Free CDN for WordPress is good for new and existing website owners who primarily work on video or working as Vloggers.

If we put video content on the site, it mainly put down your site loading time. But the SmartVideo won't make it happen. This allows your site to work conveniently without stress on loading. 

3. W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache
W3 Total Cache is also one of the Best Free CDN for WordPress that offers the incredible support you need. This Plugin integrates with the Media library and theme files and allows them to load quickly on the global servers.

Moreover, this Plugin is secure and supports AMPs, including SSL security. Also, it offers a wide range of caching methods such as local disk, Xcache, WinCache, and more.

Additionally, its customer support team is always active, so if you are using it for the first time and getting into trouble so you will ask for assistant.

Despite, W3 Total Cache is a good fit for every nee website owner who wants an all-in-one solution and primarily focuses on customization feature. It helps you speed up the site and offer the best modification options.

4. Shift8 CDN

shift cdn
Shift8 CDN is a trending CDN plugin for the WordPress site. This delivers your website files to a global server network that allows you easy reach of the audience without compromising with loading speed. This Plugin gives the best support because it publishes the location on their servers.

Moreover, it consistently adds new features, especially the endpoints, expanding your site's reach and adding static assets such as images, videos, codes, font files, etc.

Despite that, Shift8 CDN is the perfect option for those who established their site and want to keep their traffic consistent visiting. This Plugin will send your site to multiple global networks and give your users a seamless experience.

5. LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache
LiteSpeed Cache is yet another Best Free CDN for WordPress that provides optimization features to both site and its content.

Moreover, it automatically works as caches your pages, minifies the JS, HTML, and CSS. Additionally, you can load the CSS and JavaScript so that it renders the user's side. 

This CDN plugin is best in use for website owners who are currently working on WordPress sites and need compatible Plugins to boost up the speed of the site.

With this Plugin, your site will get an immediate boost that further increases its functionality of the website. This is why it is essential to do everything carefully while installing the CDN plugin.

6. Amazon AWS CDN

Amazon AWS
Amazon AWS CDN is a new Plugin launched by WP Admin to boost the loading speed of the website by storing your website on Amazon's AWS CloudFront network.

It has more than 2000 servers worldwide that ensure your static content is delivered quickly to the end-users, doesn't matter where they are. 

Moreover, this server allows you to enjoy the seamless approach that basically connects you with the fast network. To get the most out of this Plugin, you need to do sign up on an AWS account then you can manage the CloudFront activation using the Amazon AWS plugin. 

This CDN service is best for those who are running a large website and have little experience with AWS and also for those who want to learn about this platform. 

7. Jetpack Site Accelerator

Jetpack site accelerator
Jetpack is one of the safest and most used Plugins for security. But with the Jetpack Site accelerator CDN plugin, one can enjoy numerous benefits such as security, speed, optimize images and content.

This will reduce the static load on your website and automatically sends your site on global servers, so you can give your visitors the best experience. 

Moreover, it is extremely easy to use and the best fit for the site owners who are running a small website. 

The Bottom Line

It doesn't matter what niche you are working on. If your site is unable to load on search engines, your whole efforts will not get any worth.

So before making any other changes, one should invest in building the best site's performance, which is choosing Best Free CDN for WordPress that cuts loading time and bring a huge audience to you.

Note- content is king, so don't compromise with the quality. Follow the best strategies and get top rank.