Backlink Analysis: Why Should You Conduct A Backlinks Analysis?

Backlink Analysis: Why Should You Conduct A Backlinks Analysis?
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One of the most important factors for SEO is Backlinks. When Google reviews these links and the more you have reputable links from other sites, the higher you will rank.

So, it clearly depicts that building backlinks are necessary for boosting website SEO.

While doing this you will need a strong understanding of your competitor’s links and how you will conduct them for your website.

With the Backlink analysis you will get all the information you need. Here in this post we will discuss the details of backlinks and how you can conduct them for higher benefits.

What Is Backlink Analysis?

Backlink analysis shows you the entire link building status that you are taking into to spruce the performance of the website.

The Backlink analysis provides detailed output of understanding the website’s ability to rank well on search pages. This would also help you know about spammy and bad links that can harm your site.

However, you cannot only analyze your site. You can take your competitor’s site and know about from where they’re taking links and ranking on the top. Analyzing the competitor’s website gives you ideas as to where you can build your links for great performance.

Why Should You Conduct A Competitor Backlink Analysis?

When you conduct a competitor Backlink profile, you will know about the websites that are the same in your industry and targeting the same audience. With this you can research a competitor's number of backlinks and overall performance over the web.

Moreover, this research allows you to build a great digital marketing strategy in the following manner.

1.       Check the competition value- By doing research; you can easily analyze what your competitors are doing, where they are creating links, etc.

2.       Check what can help you in other industries- while checking Backlink analysis reports you can check what sites are offering backlinks to improve their rankings.

3.       Check how you can imitate the backlinks: check where your competitors are posting. Get all the details and prepare a list to do guest posting on the same and earn the same reputable link.

On the internet you have many tools for Backlink analysis, so choose the best that provide great details.

How To Conduct Backlink Analysis?


If you have not done this before, then must follow the given guide to get it done without fail.

1.   Select The Websites You Want To Inspect

Your first step is choosing the websites which you want to analyze.  We recommend checking your own site is your first priority. So, you can easily identify what you need to do and what’s not.

If you are working on the particular niche then you are aware of your competitors already. If not, find the list of competitors that are working in your area.

For instance, if you have started an e-commerce store then look for other sites that are already ranking. And if you have started a local business website then look for the websites that offer similar services to your business.

To identify competitors visit Google and search your main keyword there, here you will find the list of your competitors.  These are sites you need to check and outrank them.

Collect the URLs of competitive sites and analyse them. For instance, you can use SEMrush.

2.   Choose The Backlink Analysis Tool

Once you have selected your competition, your next step is choosing the best Backlink analysis tool. Depending on preferences and requirements you can choose from the given list. Take a sneak-peak at given tools.

·         SEMrush

·         Ahrefs

·         Moz open site explorer

Remember these are paid tools, but all of them offer limited free trials. Therefore, we recommend you check all the given tools and then decide which is best for you.

If you are just starting out with these tools, there you will get complete details about the tool and their options. Hence, you will come to an informed decision.

3.   Enter The Domain And Download The Details

If you have selected your tool then move to the next step which is analyzing the site. Enter the URL of the website which you want to check and start collecting the information from the frontend to backend.

Further in this article, we have shared the tips to use this data. But before that, ensure you have noted everything carefully.

When conducting Backlink Analysis, it involves little stress. So, do things carefully and make an informed decision to build a successful internet marketing strategy.

Pro tip- you should keep all the details in the excel sheet or download the report.

What Things Should You Look At In A Backlink Analysis?

Backlink analysis tools provide you with the wealth information you need. And you know that information can be used in one way or another way.

It is worth mentioning that the analysis will help you come with a successful digital marketing strategy, so instead of considering it as wastage of time. One must go deeper in it.

Kindly note one must pick the useful information that helps you build the best strategy. Here, we are sharing noteworthy points that you can’t ignore.

1.       Total Links Including Unique Domains

One of the important things you will notice at the first time is the total number of backlinks the site has. When you compare your number of backlinks to the competitor site you can easily notice the reason for being top and how your site should be.

For detailed information, you can look for referring domains. This tells you how many unique sites are linked to a given site. For instance if a site shows 1k total backlinks and 600 referring domains, you can check the domains and prep your next move accordingly.

Keep in mind having fewer referring domains than the total backlinks is not a bad sign. Nevertheless, your goal should be only to create valuable links from various unique domains in a proper ratio.

2.       Referring Domains

Besides referring domains, one must look for the lookalike domains as well.  For instance, you should look for your own website and find where your look alike website and content are.

When you check competitor’s referring domains, you will know about where they are linking too, which sites are pointing them, etc. looking at these domains will give you a well-designed strategy.

Just go on the competitor’s path and there will be a chance you can rank easier.

Remember, before moving to the competitor’s path make sure you are coming with uniqueness.

Pro tip-one must take out the list of domains and find their score and position over the internet. When done- start working on the domains.

3.   Top Pages

Last but not the least, checking top pages is also crucial for knowing what links are pointing to them. In many cases, top pages are more likely the home pages of the site.

Apart from that, you can check the pages that have the most links. From there you can look over the domains that are pointing to the page. Also, you can check the content that can point to that page and work best for building links.

If you have seen a particular page or content pointing many links then it must contain the relevant information that Google needs. Now you know what type of contents you need to publish and good to work for gaining links.

For example- if your competitor has gained many links on the particular topic like “How to create summer camp” then you get an idea what to write and publish for your site.

Many SEO experts believe that Backlink analysis is not just for knowing the links. But it also works to know about some fresh ideas to work on and how to become better in the field.

Another interesting fact is it offers a meaningful and successful digital marketing strategy that gives you a unique angle for getting success.

The Bottom Line

For the best SEO practice, Backlink Analysis is the crucial step that you can’t ignore. If it is done right, your site will reach the first place in search engines within a couple of weeks.

You should conduct deep analysis so you can know every move of your competitor. To become best, the only trick is you need to present better than your competitor and this is how the market works.