Best Apparel Management Software 2023

Best Apparel Management Software 2023
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Being at the core of a designing business which has clothing in its genesis is like picking up the perfect outfit that no one would want to miss out wearing. Picking the outfit of the day is still a big issue for many individuals out there.

These days it has become strikingly complex to manage an apparel business. It requires managing new styles, hours of labor, impeccable determination of prices, and also implementing appropriate discounts.

You strive for help at one point of time or the other as these issues get compounded concerning the scale of your business.

To help you out in such scenarios apparel management software is at your rescue.

It simplifies the process of various tasks like optimizing communication within your team, managing your existing wardrobe, customizing prices, and others by the particularly engineered governing mechanism.

In many cases, you get an option to manage the order from the brands itself where you can also record your inventory.

In comparison to such software the professional external software records and takes care of the product from the time it has entered your warehouse to the time, it has been sold off in the retail end. This indirectly boosts the customer experience of your flawless garments.

The state of the services offered by different Apparel Management Software in the market is covered in this short read.


A comprehensive solution to different problems encountered by your apparel business can be resolved with the state of the art infrastructure provided by Stitchex software.

Problems like outdated data, expensive software, unreliable documents, complicated management systems, and excessive programs can be resolved through this software.

Everything that you require is provided at your fingertips in Stitchex thanks to its creators who designed it to specifically resolve such issues.

From a single screen, you can easily manage all your sales orders and consignments. It provides you with the quickest methods to create and print invoices. Integration with a cloud-based storage system and dropbox is possible.

In case you are new to Stitchex and require support for setting up or understanding some features then the company provides email, phone, and chat support.

This apparel management software enables you to smoothly operate even foreign currencies which will boom your business.

To come to terms with the software and know its UI, Stitchex offers its users a free demo and a fourteen-day trial. Whenever you intend to incorporate Stitchex into your business or organization you can opt for any of the following plans.

Essentials: In essentials for an approximate fee of $39/month all the basic services which are mentioned in the description are provided. The multi-currency support is not offered in this plan.

Plus: In this plan, inventory tracking is added as an additional feature for its users. The multi-currency support is available for the plus package at an approximate fee of $59/month.

Premium: If you opt for a premium plan then alongside all the features mentioned in the description it enables you to place the order directly from one platform.

Depending upon the requirements it enables users to access various integrations such as Bergen and Xerox.


Apparelmagic has the potential and required tools to become the central hub of your business.

The host of features like multi-channel sales and integrated accounting is proudly advertised by the software company and it sets it apart from its competitors in the market.

An added advantage that puts it ahead of its other competitors is its accessibility and pleasing user interface.

The exponential growth of your apparel business is promised by Appaerlmagic as it offers a significant number of integrations depending upon the subscription plan that one opts for.

The latest trends for your business are delivered at a quick snap by Apparelmagic through its informative and understandable heads-up dashboard which is updated regularly.

Various prices, styles, specs, and other essential things that your business has to offer can be easily organized through this Apparel management software.

It is accessible by small players with affordable plans offering limited features and its high-end plans offer multi-warehouse and multi-currency support.

Apparelmagic offers multiple plans to its clients and also promises fourteen-day money-back guarantee if the clients are not satisfied with its performance or features.

The plans can be selected on monthly or annual basis depending upon the requirement of the users. Just like in every other subscription the annual plans are cost-effective.

Basic: This package is accessible for two users at a time and is compatible with one warehouse. All basic features for the software like style management, inventory management, and order organization are included in this package. It is priced at approximately $80/month.

Professional: This a slightly advanced version offering support for three users and three warehouses at a time. Support for transacting using multiple currencies is offered in this package along with all the basic features of the software.

Enterprise: Bigger Firms and the ones that intend to streamline their multifaceted and large operations should opt for this package which is priced at approximately $350/month. It offers access to up to five users, unlimited warehouse, and integrations.


Firms that deliver leather, home furnishings, and apparel have specially designed software for them to use in form WFX Cloud ERP.

It offers a variety of modules which can streamline the entire supply chain and are also interconnected from style development to the delivery of the finished clothes.

As it is highly flexible it can be easily customized to suit the needs of your business organization. It offers optimized end-to-end services which are adaptable for your business needs.

Transport, purchasing, branding, and manufacturing which are the working segments of your firm are included in it.

The software allows instant communication with your team worldwide through its inbuilt tools. To ensure timely decision the platform provides convenient tracking of products through the supply chain in real-time.

For relevant consignments and orders, it allows you to set calendar dates and alerts for your team members to stick to the deadline.

If you are using any other third party app or software in your business then it can be integrated with this software.

If offers various services and do not offer any preset packages for customers to choose which makes it a unique apparel management software. By providing the details and exact requirements of your business you can get a relevant quote.

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