Powerful Local SEO Link Building Strategies to Look in 2023

Powerful Local SEO Link Building Strategies to Look in 2023
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The factors used by search engines to determine authentic sites for rankings are constantly evolving since SEO was discovered.

Different techniques and algorithms have been used and replaced by better ones. But, the only one thing that remains constant since its commencement is link building. They are as valuable today as they have been.

Link building is one of the three most important factors used by prominent search engines to rank websites. Link building has remained constant but however the tactics have evolved.

Modern local SEO link building strategies differ from that of traditional link building tactics. In this article, we have included impactful local SEO link building strategies which can be impactful for any business vertical.

Differentiating between traditional and local link building

Link Building
Targeting websites with high authority is a traditional approach to link building used by marketing agencies. In many cases, they also advise to stay away from low domain authority or else you might receive a penguin penalty.

Now,  in case you decide to practice local SEO link building strategies then all these advises will flat out wrong. It is not possible to build local linking without adding links to low authority local websites.

Even if a website has a low authority, it carries significant importance in proving local relevance compared to high authority sites. Most of the enterprise sticks to employing traditional link building tactics, because they are unaware of this golden rule.

Adding a few small local websites can dominate the search engine results page for small and medium businesses. It can spread the word about their product/service and also influence their sales.

Following are some powerful and effective strategies for local link building

Custom Search

Using Custom Searches is one of the efficient ways to attract more local opportunities through Google. It is can be easily done by typing ‘location +’in the search bar.

For example, if you intend to get a list of potential blogs in your area then you can put ‘blog’ after the plus sign. This can help you outreach a guest post opportunity and even to create a collaborated content.

Target for Local Awards

Participating in local awards is an impactful method for gaining local attraction towards your website.

Award ceremonies for multiple niches are organized by many organizations, media houses, and NGO’s. Sign up for such awards through their website.

Even if you don’t secure an award your website will stand a chance to be displayed on a higher screen in front of a potential audience.

Offer Discount

offer discount
Get in touch with your school and college. Offer a good and special discount to the alumni so that they will spread the word about your website. Explain the discount on your website by adding a page. It will enable you to get featured on various alumni groups.

If you can manage a discount for police, military, or defense it can work as well but it will require a lot of efforts.

Organize and Participate in Local Meet-Ups

One of the prominent methods to get local exposure is through local meet-ups. You can organize or participate in a local meet-up in your area regarding the services that you provide or regarding your business.

If possible try and be a sponsor at one such meet-up. You can sponsor the refreshments and for a considerably low-cost you can get local links.

Develop a Local Resource Page

Developing a resource page is amongst the impactful local SEO link building strategies. The local resource page can capture information about events, festivals, food, and various other things happening in your area.

An added advantage of a resource page is that other sites will use and refer it, which will attract more audience.

Use your contacts

If you have been in business for a long time, or if you have an influential group then reach out to your friends and colleagues. Because you share a good understanding with them, it will be easier to convince them. This can bring the required local links for your website.

Get in touch with Influencers

Influencer Marketing
Try connecting your brand with local influencers. A picture with them or an event with an influencer as a chief guest can bring in considerable local links for you. If you don’t know them directly request your friends to set up an interview.

Writing an email to them about any specific cause that your business might be associated with can also help in setting up a meet.

Hit the directories

Every city has a local directory. Even you might have used it number of times for citation. Make sure you are listed on a local directory as it will make it convenient for people to reach you and hence will generate local links.

Analyze your competitors strategy

Just like you, your competitor is also implementing many local SEO link building strategies. If you can manage to get the back look of your competitors business it can help you in finding new sponsorship opportunities, events, and meet-ups. Your competitor’s link profile can prove to be a goldmine of opportunities for you.

Release Newsletter and Publish an E-book

Ebooks and e-newsletters are some of the excellent methods to spread a word about your brand in the local industry. Many times organizations have enough content to publish an e-book and release newsletter regularly but they are not aware of it.

It can help in gaining media attention and strengthens your link building strategy. Organize the information smartly and make it resourceful for the readers.

Whether it is about increasing your search engine rankings or escalating traffic to your website, local link building strategies could help you out with the best results.

Search engines are constantly evolving hence it is important to gather backlinks. You will definitely notice a surge in organic traffic and higher sales once you decide to give these strategies a shot.

The key here is to gain maximum local links so that your website and brand become popular in your region and target audience.