Guide to Increase Google AdWords Quality Score of Your Ads

Guide to Increase Google AdWords Quality Score of Your Ads
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As everyone might be aware of the quality score accessible for every keyword in your Google AdWords account, from this you will be able to see the keyword level google ads quality score.

Every business or brand promotion has the goal of reaching to their target audience with relevant and high-quality ads that results in a more user engagement, clicks and conversions. Thus, increase Google AdWords quality score will help you to do just that.

With this you can also increase your pay per click profits and also the position of your webpage or blog shows up in advertising.

Also, with the help of this score you can might know how some features might be hurting your score rather than helping you. It also ensures that you are using the right keyword that will save you your money and time.

Once you understand what quality score is, why it is important and how to get 10/10 quality score AdWords, then you can start on your word to improve and work on the issues that affect your score.

What does Google Quality Score mean and why it is so important?

The quality score is the measurement of your Google ad’s relevancy to what customers expect and the quality of the keywords you are utilizing. It is defined as a number from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best.

It gives you the quality scores of your keywords and help you to higher your low-quality score AdWords. But there are numerous factors to make up the quality score and all are very important.

Utilizing quality score can help you as it will give you essential information about your performance.

With this information you can know about what is not going well and how to increase quality score of a low performing keyword.

Once you have fixed all your issues, then it will help you save your time and money and will also help you convert your visitors into your customers.

What are the most important factors that affect you scores?

There are various different and relevant factors that affect your to increase Google AdWords quality score 2021. Some of them are explained below.

  • How relevant keyword are to your ad group.
  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • User Experience
  • The quality of your landing pages
  • Relevancy of text in your ad

These above given factors will help you and will give you knowledge about how you need to improve your keyword score for gaining more traffic and clicks on your website.

For increasing the google ads quality having the right keyword is important. For this you need to have keywords that are relevant to your ad group. And these ad groups are a set of keywords that is shared with an advertisement.

Another factor is the click through rate (CTR), this gives you the measures of how often your ad is clicked.

This is not much information what factors are worth each part of the score, but all the factors are very important to how you are scored. Continue reading below to understand how to increase Google AdWords quality score 2021. The experts at Grow My Ads also share their insights on how to improve your Google Ads quality score in this comprehensive guide.

How to Increase Your Quality Score in Google AdWords

First Step is to knowing the Factors

Just as for the credit score you need to understand the factors for improving it, and on the off chance it is the same when it comes to increasing your quality score.

Here the first mandatory thing is that you need to have the knowledge about what are the factors affect your score and how to increase quality score of a low performing keyword.

There are just not one or two factors that you need to know and have to work upon, instead there are many numerous factors and you have to know about them all.

So, that you can know which factor affects your score and you can work on them and know how to get 10/10 quality score AdWords. Without understanding the factor there is not a chance you can improve your score.

Increase your Score by Tagging your Ad Groups

You have to design your ad groups into more targeted campaigns for improving your scores. You can utilize as many keywords you want to, but ensure that the keywords you are using are relevant, when you start to set up your campaign.

Do not utilize they keyword it, they are not relevant as they will not make your ads relevant to your users, as it will be tough for them to find a specific ad they are looking for.

For targeting your audience, you need to include keywords that are relevant to that specific ad group.

Make sure that the keywords that are being used logical and should match with the ad group. Thus, you can increase your low quality score AdWords by targeting your ad groups with specific keywords.

Write AdWords ads that are of high quality

Best google adwords advertising agencies create high quality ads are the ones that are specific and focuses on a particular product or service that you offer, that can attract the type of audience you want.

As ads that are having more than one service or product do not have an impact on the users, they want to feel as they are really getting what they want from your ad.

Your ads should be neat and clean for having more impact on your users. Thus, writing high quality ads will definitely increase your score.

Try utilizing Negative Keywords

Here you must be confused about what are negative keywords and why we should use them. Negative keywords are the ones that you add in your ad groups, this will actually prevent your ads from showing up.

Using these negative keywords will help you increase your quality as these keywords will prevent your ad to showing up to the people who are not your target audience and surprisingly this will improve your click-through rate.

This is helpful as you want your users to click your ad because it is relevant and not because your ad just shown up. Thus, your AdWords quality score 2019 will increase by using negative keywords.


A quality scores help you increase your business, will gain you more clients, and will also save your money.

Thus, first you need to do is to figure out what needs to be fixed. While some factors are easy to change and some may take time.

We hope that the above given information will help you in how to improve quality score AdWords 2019, and improves your quality score.