WordPress Theme Customization Service

WordPress theme customization service

Are you looking for a better-customized WordPress theme to give your website a very unique and impressive presence?

Or are you looking for a very reliable WordPress theme customization agency that can help you have a customized theme modification that goes wholly integrated with your business requirement?

We work as the one-stop solution that meets all the needs for your business objectives and goals. We work as a robust team with experienced designers and developers who can give you the desired service for your WordPress theme customization.

We use all the latest technology and trendy tools that perfectly suit your need for theme customization and on-time delivery with our WordPress theme customization service.

Theme Designed as per W3C Standards

We are focused on bringing in innovation and great functionality. Hence, we design our themes as per the W3C standards that go entirely suitable with WordPress customization website building.

The themes that we offer are highly customized and come with a very creative outlook that goes compatible with any website requirements and aligns rightly with your business requirements and objectives.

W3C Standards

Thus, we are focused on creating themes that are entirely secure and integrate with valid codes. We use top-notch design with WordPress themes. All the themes are brilliantly designed with W3Ccompliant compatibility and undergo all the necessary security audits.

Instant WordPress Theme Support


Our WordPress theme customization service includes the highly intuitive theme building that goes perfectly compatible with your WordPress website. We build our WordPress theme in a way that goes completely suitable with your website instantly.

Our instant WordPress theme support offers proper integrity so that you can stay ahead with your goal.

Our WordPress theme customization comes with the most scalable structure that offers brilliant support. Also, you can easily add any additional elements to it whenever you require.

Thus, we offer complete theme support at any time you need so that you can stay ahead of your competitors with a very top-notch presence.

Responsive Theme Layout

Our team of developers focuses on developing highly responsive themes and integrating with the latest tools and technologies with cross-browser and cross-device compatibility.

We understand how effective the responsiveness of your website is. It totally influences the experience of a user on your website.

Responsive theme layout

Thus, we build a responsive theme that goes compatible with your exact business needs.

We ensure that the website goes compatible with all the major browsers and devices so that you can reach out to your audience in a very effective and impressive way.

Hence, we focus on enhancing your user-experience so that you can always stay cutting-edge with your service providing.

SEO Optimized WordPress Theme

SEO Optimized WordPress theme

When it comes to building up a very intuitive theme for your website, it needs to be highly compatible with the SEO standards.

We build up highly customizable themes that are pretty intuitive and go entirely suitable with any kind of SEO plugins on the website to rank properly and have better traffic.

Hence each of our themes is very lightweight that performs efficiently with any of the SEO optimization services.

Our WordPress theme customization service comes with experts who facilitate your website’s indexing with the proper optimization of the major search engines.

This is solely to help your website to gain more and more high search engine ranking and better visibility.

Speed Optimization

Speed optimization is another crucial area where we never forget to check out. Thus, we create themes that come with brilliant speed optimization. Each of the themes comes with better speed so that it does not lag your site’s performance.

speed optimization

Hence, we ensure that each of the themes opens up fast and works in a fraction of a second so that you can win over the heart of your customer’s every time they open your website.

Also, it helps the Google crawlers with proper crawling throughout your website so that it can have better indexing and a good ranking in the SERP.

Plugin Integration & Customization

Plugin Integration & Customization

We are focused on bringing in innovation with our WordPress theme customization service. Thus, we help you more so that you can improve your website with better functionalities to enhance the user experience on your site.

Here we aim to do that for you. Thus, we offer additional custom plugin development as per the specific requirements for your customers.

This definitely lets you stay ahead with your website design and service offerings. It also helps you have more functionality in your website so that you can easily stay ahead with building a very top-notch user-experience to make them keep coming back to your site again and again.

AMP Integration

Our WordPress theme customization service strives to stay top-notch in every manner. Thus, we offer you the theme customization that goes completely integrated with the AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

We ensure that each of the themes goes very compatible with the fast-loading web pages in mobile devices so that you can easily reach out to your customer in an imposing way.

This helps you have a very brilliant website that is highly user-interactive and easy to navigate to help you stay avant-garde with your service.

Thus, we help you to stay ahead with your business commitments with a very intuitive mobile-friendly theme-based website.

Ecommerce Integration & Customization

We are highly focused on helping your business to have very rapid growth and a high conversion rate. Thus, our theme customization supports brilliantly on any kind of business requirements.

We strive to create themes that rightly integrate with the eCommerce platforms like WooCommerece, Shopify through your WordPress website.

We are more inclined to bring in innovation to stay ahead in streamlining your eCommerce business every time from your WordPress website.

Hence, we offer the proper theme directory with awe-inspiring layout-based designs that work fast and great with your eCommerce business needs for better conversion.

WordPress widgets:

Nothing can be more impressive than making your WordPress website easier to navigate and easy to use. Thus, we aim to help you with the simplifying of the user experience every time they visit your website.

Hence, we add a widget to your website to make it rich with features. Any kind of widgets like social sharing, custom forms, tags, related posts, more info we add to your website so that your users can have an awe-inspiring experience on this site.

Also, the widgets improve your website’s performance so that it can perform well on the search intents with better scalability.

PSD To WordPress Theme Conversion

psd to WordPress

We work in every possible means to give your website a very top-notch look with better functionality. If you have a PSD design ready for your website that is not getting converted with your website to make it more functional, we can help you in a very streamlined way.

Our WordPress theme customization service properly helps you to utilize your PSD with your WordPress theme conversion to make it more WordPress site and retina-ready.

Also, we take care of every possible area to make your website more responsive and fused with features that rightly help you to increase your user-experience.

Why Should you choose us!

We are solely focused on creating and modifying themes for your needs. We aim to modify and optimize the theme that you pick to enhance your business prospect.

We improve the theme’s performance and make it 100% capable of going properly compatible with your business and of intending your target audience to make them your potential customer.

Our WordPress theme customization service works as the one-stop destination for all the necessary services that you need to avail yourself of for a high-quality design.

We focus on bringing in the themes’ excellent functionality, which rightly syncs in with your business-centered needs and lets you create a robust customer experience.

Our expertise theme knows rightly how to tweak a theme to make it go entirely suitable with your business needs and have a completely new and responsive makeover.

Moreover, we invigorate the innovation with your themes so that they can have the proper boost to go brilliantly with your search engine optimization needs.

Most frequently asked questions and answers:

Do you offer a WordPress website designing service?

No, our service is totally dedicated to offering your WordPress website theme customization. Our additional service includes WordPress maintenance services with fixing errors, bug fixing, and other improvements to ensure that your website is working well.

What payment types do you accept?

We are solely dedicated to giving you the proper service with ease. Thus, we offer all kinds of payment acceptance to let you have a very nice purchasing service with us.

We accept payment through debit card, UPI payments, MasterCard, American Express, Rupay, Visa payments. You can also pay us using PayPal accounts as soon as you get your product delivered.

Do you code WordPress theme from scratch or use 3rd party themes?

Our own in-house expert team designs the WordPress theme with all kinds of latest technologies and coding essentials. We do not rely upon any kind of 3rd party themes.

All the services that we offer are solely our own so that you can have highly customized themes for your business and get on-time delivery.

Do you provide expedited/rush delivery?

Yes, we do offer expedited or rush delivery for your theme customization. But it is better to stay patient while buying a theme customization plan from us.

Though we offer rush delivery, it is better to give our team the time so that you can get the top-notch theme delivered for your business requirement and niche-specific responsive quality.

How quickly do you typically respond to emails and quote requests?

We strive to stay top-notch with all our services, and our goal is to give our customers the best experience. Thus, we strive to remain very active with our response to the emails and quote requests.

Also, we usually stove to give you a same-day response within a few minutes. Well, it can take a few hours if there are any kind of delays in the service offerings.

Would you deploy WordPress themes on my server?

Yes, we will happily do that for you. We strive to stay cutting-edge with all our services. Hence make sure the pricing plan you have picked is including the service to deploy the theme in your WordPress server. Our robust customer helping team is going to do that for you.

Let’s build something brilliant together!