How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress?
WordPress usually comes with a lot of plugins, which are quite capable of optimizing your website's images for SEO purpose. These plugins can also help you to make your site appear attractive as well as load faster to provide your clients with excellent user experience. However, due to some usual image issues, you might face… (0 comment)

How to Align Images in WordPress Block Editor
After the release of the new block editor in WordPress(Gutenberg ), the content editing process has completely changed. Gutenberg is a completely visual way of producing content. It makes the content creation process a lot easier. This post discusses the way to add and different options to align images in WordPress block editor to create…

Best Free Encryption Software for 2021 (Most Secure)
How do you ensure the best security to your data and device? Well, encryption is the answer. Thus, encryption works as a very crucial part of digital security and for privacy. An encryption software gives your information the best level of security so that any third party cannot read it. The brilliance of encryption works… (0 comment)

Facebook Profile Picture Sizes 2021: Everything You Need to Know
Facebook is one of the World's largest social network platform that is not only used for connecting with people but also for business purposes. Therefore, it is widely used for creating both personal as well as business profiles. People can create business pages where they add information regarding the services they offer. On the other…